No Menston housing development decision yet; young dancers working hard for Menston panto; Menston ladies choir looking for singers

A large mural at Menston Primary Schoolwith some of the pupils who helped to create it

Children at Menston Primary School have been enjoying the mural they created before Christmas with Justin Leeming from Menston graphic design company JGL Design

No decision yet following the Leeds High Court hearing on 19 January at which Menston Action Group were asking for a Judicial Review for what the organisation claims are illegal actions by Bradford Council in granting permission for new housing development on Derry Hill in Menston. The hearing lasted all day and the judge indicated that he needed more time to study the submissions before making a judgement.

Some of the MAG members and other Menston residents at Menston Station on their way to the Leeds High Court where MAG is seeking a Judicial Review. They are displaying the poster warning potential house purchasers of the flood risk should houses be built on the proposed Derry Hill and Bingley Road sites

Some of the MAG members and other Menston residents at Menston Station on their way to the Leeds High Court where MAG was seeking a Judicial Review. They are displaying the poster warning potential house purchasers of the flood risk should houses be built on the proposed Derry Hill and Bingley Road sites. Click the picture to read the warning from Lord Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency.

Dance treat promised at Menston panto

Youngsters from the Menston ballet/dance classes held weekly at the Kirklands Community Centre have been working hard for their appearance for the first time in the annual Menston pantomime (Aladdin, 19-21 February, see Events listing).

A tuesday evening class; older dancers with teacher Stephanie Clements who has choreographed the pantomime dance sequences

A tuesday evening class; older dancers with teacher Stephanie Clements who has choreographed the pantomime dance sequences. Lessons for little ones are on Saturday mornings

There were not enough youngsters from the Menston classes to make up both an older group and a group of ‘sunbeams’ so Stephanie Clements, who runs Bradford Theatre Arts (BTA) classes in other locations as well as Menston, is bringing some of the best dancers from these other classes too to take part. Beautiful dancing in the pre-Christmas BTA Show at the Bradford Playhouse (for some video clips click here) indicated the Menston audience is in for a treat. For more information on the classes go to  or phone Stephanie on 0798 671 3203.

Menston choir seeking altos and sopranos

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Menston ladies choir, Ladies Please, is looking for more singers to join them, specifically they are seeking two altos and two sopranos. The choir would welcome any lady who loves to sing; the ability to read music is not an absolute criterion although it would help; the choir does have some ladies who sing ‘by ear’.

Some of the Ladies Please members with the musical director, reader for a concert

Some of the Ladies Please members with the musical director, Arnold Boddy, ready for a concert

The choir meets weekly on Thursday evenings to rehearse in the Fairfax Club, Main Street, Menston from 7.30pm. Musical Director is Arnold Boddy, who formed the choir, and the choir is supported at some rehearsals and at all concerts by accompanist, Mike Nicholas.

Performances are mainly to support the raising of funds for a charity or to bring entertainment to those who can no longer get out and about; although the choir meets private requests from time to time such as singing at weddings. They mainly perform in the Wharfedale and Bradford area. Charities are encouraged to get in touch if they would like the choir to come and support your event. There is no charge and over the years Ladies Please has helped raise about £10,000 for a number of different charities, most recently The Children’s Society.

As this year is the choir’s 10th anniversary it is hoping to have a special Gala Concert. Watch this site for details when available.

Any ladies possibly interested in joining the choir can contact the secretary via the website:

Smiles at four Menston businesses, bakery, child care, Body Sanctuary & writing. Support MAG

Support the Menston Action Group, fighting inappropriate development in Menston, at the High Court in Leeds, 10.30am, Monday 19 January, or join the party on the 9.21 train from Menston (click this for more information)

It’s almost Panto time in Menston (Aladdin, 19-21 February) but there are already plenty of smiles to greet you at some new or changed businesses in Menston.

Smiles at the Village Bakery

A smiling welcome from the new owner of the Village Bakery, and two cheerful helpers Kate and William

A smiling welcome from the new owner of the Village Bakery, and two cheerful helpers Kate and William

Trish, with her cheerful, efficient assistants Kate and William when they are not at school, has taken over the Village Bakery. A newcomer to shopkeeping, Trish doesn’t intend to change very much in the short term: she’ll be selling the same locally-baked bread, the sandwich menu is the same, though she may introduce one or two new ones, and the only problem with the cakes is which ones to choose.

Living in Cookridge, Trish has to cross the Chevin every morning to open up but the snow this weekend didn’t dampen the cheerful greeting.

Welcome to Menston!

The Railway Children arrive in Menston

The Railway Children logo

The school run made easy, for parents of children of primary school age and younger, has come to Menston with the arrival of ‘The Railway Children’ at Menston Station, in what was formerly the coffee shop and 1875 Indian restaurant.

Zandra with the colourful Railway Children sign

Zandra Monroe-Cochrane, who formerly ran Cleaseby Kindercare in the village, with the Railway Children sign of the relocated business. A founder member of the Menston Business Association, Zandra had her new logo and sign designed by another MBA member, JGL Design (

What a transformation! A delightful reception with Scandinavian all-weather suits hanging ready to ensure an outing, rain or shine, and photo-named trays for belongings, entered by way of the booking hall with a parent’s fingerprint – no strangers get in here.

Upstairs is a bright, colourful play, ‘work’, sleep area packed with toys and activities, designed with gated areas so that siblings can be together or separate as they wish. Primary school children dropped off earlier are taken to school via the safe route along the ‘ginnel’, then brought back after school to join the early years and pre-schoolers. Then they have a sit-down, locally-prepared meal learning not only independence but, eg, how to count (sausages!).

Places are limited: 14 pre-school, 14 primary school, maximum. For more information call Zandra on 0795 416 6653.

SOU – a mix of martial arts, meditation and fitness, at the Body Sanctuary

Another completely new activity for Menston is ‘SOU training’, which is taking place at the Body Sanctuary (42 Cleaseby Road) on Tuesdays. More about this activity, brought to us by Antonio Ferreira from Portugal, can be found at where you’ll find all you need to know, including prices. The word ‘sou’ is from ‘I am’ in Portugese, when used to address concepts that are permanent and intrinsic to a person’s nature, as in “I am a human being” – “Eu sou um ser humano”.

Other regular activities and events at the Body Sanctuary are meditation, therapies, healing, group meetings and workshops and Shakti Dance once a month, a relaxed event for women to connect together and let go of emotional tension. Call Kalyani on 0795 203 6326 for more details.

Extraordinary writing – a job from Luxembourg

Another Menston business with good news is Extraordinary Writing (, set up in December last year to offer news and feature writing, and production of complete newsletters, to businesses and other organisations. Writer Roger Livesey says “I wasn’t really looking for work until the next financial year, having recently retired from ‘employment’, but if anything interesting turns up in the meantime I may take it; this job from a company in Luxembourg was to write two magazine features, about on-board WiFi on long distance coaches in Europe. To be researched and written by 10 January, it was sufficiently interesting so I took it on”.

Teapot didn’t tickle people enough

Sadly, the Tickled Teapot cafe in Croft Park, set up last year after the greengrocer closed, shut its doors on Christmas Eve.

A thank you from the Menston Action Group, fighting to save our village

In the most recent post on this site the ‘resurrection’ of MAG (the Menston Action Group) and its new website was welcomed. Usually, now, this site will just refer readers to the MAG website with the wealth of information and documentation archived on it. However, this post is an exception and rather than simply link to the post, it is reproduced below in full. You can, of course, see the post in its original form on the MAG website:

Feel free to comment on this post in the usual way which, as confirmed in the previous post, can be anonymous and will not be edited unless illegal, obscene or personally abusive.

Thank You

To all the villagers who have responded so quickly to our call for more funds. We are reaching the end game now which will decide Menston’s future, but we do need more to finish the task.

You may be wondering why all this talk about flooding and drainage, the answer is simple! All the issues on schools, roads, trains in fact the whole infrastructure of the village we have found are easily countered by the developers with money! They say they will pay to make the roads safe, to improve transport to the schools create new amenities etc. You can see the proposed road improvements planned on this site and any new amenities are planned to go in Burley in Wharfedale!!

So flooding and drainage is the only way we have to go forward, and for that we have a really good case. All reports (barring the developers) now say there will be flooding and drainage problems.

So why do we need more money when so many of you have given many times, (for that we are truly grateful). Now the fight is moving on to the courts, Chris Schofield our Solicitor has given £100,000 worth of his time FREE, a Litigation Lawyer costs between £200-£400 pounds an hour, and a Barrister costs £400-£800 pounds an hour, although some do charge more. You can bet the developers will have the best, so we need to have legal parity!  We hope this helps to explain why you are being asked to be as generous as you can.

In years to come you could say with pride I played my part in saving this village.

So we invite you to join with those who give, and those who give on a regular basis



Happy New Year! Menston Action Group is back. Menston’s ‘election year’ is here!

FollowButtonPicA Happy New Year ! to all the readers of this website/blog, particularly the ‘followers’ who, by following, not only ensure they are informed of each new post and/or comment but indicate that the considerable (entirely voluntary) work required to keep the site up to date is worthwhile.

Thank you also to all those who have taken advantage of the unique facility, in Menston, provided by this website/blog, to comment and discuss issues of importance to the community.

Thanks are also due to the individuals responsible for ‘publicity’ in many village voluntary and charitable organisations who have regularly sent information to appear on this site, thus ensuring the ‘Events’ listing and ‘Imminent events’ calendar are more complete and up to date than they would be relying just on things picked up from the ‘grape vine’.

This site was viewed about 38,000 times in 2014

WordPress, which hosts this website/blog, tells us that Menston Village Wharfedale was viewed about 38,000 times in 2014, which considering that the author/webmaster was out of action for a considerable period and is only just getting back into regular posting, due to a serious health problem, is impressive.

St Mary's Menston concert 9 May 2014There were 419 pictures published on the site; that averages well over a picture per day, 95% of these being taken especially for and published only on this website. A considerable number have been of young people engaging in community activities.

The busiest day of the year was 11 May with 1,307 views. The most popular post that day was St Mary’s Menston Bambisanani concert, paying tribute to Nelson Mandela, 9 May 2014. The Menston Vehicle Show posts had even more views over the respective weekend.

Potential changes on this website

Some of the changes outlined below will lead to some changes on this website. It is likely to include even more opinion (the change has begun in this post) and point to issues for discussion while continuing to present news and pictures – even video clips – about events, activities, community developments and Menston businesses in a hopefully interesting way. The policy of allowing comments to be made anonymously, and not editing them unless they are obscene, illegal or personally abusive, will continue.

Some of the ‘services’ provided to village organisations, eg the ‘official’ Menston Community Association section, where meeting agendas and minutes have been published, may be dropped.

Massive changes seen in 2014

There were some notable developments for the Menston community during last year, particularly the transfer of many of the previous ‘campaigning’ activities of the Menston Community Association to the Parish Council. Most notable among these are opposing the inappropriate housing developments on Bingley Road and Derry Hill and the monitoring of aircraft noise from Leeds Bradford Airport.

Menston Business Association – MBA

The Menston Business Association logoThe formation of the Menston Business Association was an important step to help ensure that a vital feature of the local community – local businesses – are promoted and supported. Let us hope this organisation becomes ever more active over the coming year, helps to develop some of the important aspects of village life and even prompts introduction of new ones. Entrepreneureal thinking could be an important input to the development of village activities and services. Let us hope its activities might also lead to reintroduction of some important missing shops in the village – such as a butcher and greengrocer. A pipe dream? Maybe, but cooperation between the MBA and the MCA could lead to greater support for such local businesses than has been evident recently.

An important development last year was the involvement of the MBA in the Menston Village Show. It is to be hoped that the experience gained by both the MBA and the Show Committee as a result will lead to more development of this important annual event.

Housing developments

Although it has been argued on this site that the Menston Community Association was not the right body to lead the fight against inappropriate housing development, as it led to many other community matters with which the MCA should have been concerned being shoved to one side and even ignored, leaving this to the Parish Council would, on past experience, be disastrous. Indeed, had it been left to the Parish Council over the past few years it seems likely that we would already have all the traffic, transport, educational and health services problems that an extra few hundred houses would bring. A truly independent voice was needed.

Menston Action Group – MAG

Map showing proposed Menston 20mph/30mph sections

Proposed Menston 20mph/30mph restrictions

It is therefore a real relief to see the resurrection of the Menston Action Group which, of course, was formed originally to oppose inappropriate development. It is to be hoped that MAG fights the battle on all fronts, not confining itself to just the flooding consequences. Important as these are, and it may well be that these have been the basis on which the developments could best be stopped, it is not the consequent flooding which would kill Menston. It is the destruction of green space, destruction of Main Street, overloading of services and joining up of the currently separate Wharfedale/Airedale communities into one oppressive urban sprawl which would kill our village.

So, although very costly, there are engineering solutions to the flooding problems which would threaten the village should houses be built on the currently proposed sites. There are no engineering solutions to the destruction of a village community by the consequences mentioned above.

MAG has announced its resurrection with a new website and it will be interesting to see how this develops. At the moment there seems to be no facility for commenting publicly on items appearing on the site, reflecting the tag line “Relaunched site to keep you updated”, which seems to indicate only one way communication is intended. If so this is a pity. To be effective it needs the level of involvement of the community seen at the time of the referendum. Public meetings alone, particularly those now controlled – eg the Neighbourhood Forums – by the Parish Council, are not likely to achieve this.

Nevertheless, the new MAG site gives this site the opportunity not to publish the volume of factual information, reports, etc, as in the past, just pointing to the MAG site for these, so leaving more time to comment on developments.

Menston Community Association – MCA

Now that the MCA has had its teeth pulled, it will be interesting to see how it develops. Will it now be active in not only ensuring support of the many independent community organisations active in the village but active also in introducing new ones? As a registered charity it has an enviable capacity for supporting the community should it choose to use it.

Menston Parish Council – MPC

This year, 2015, is not only the year of the general election but before that there is an election which, it could be argued, is even more important for the future of Menston village – the Parish Council election. This is an opportunity for the community to consider whether the current ‘system’ of an MPC which effectively re-elects itself regularly is what the Menston community needs. Of course, there need to be nominations for new Councillors, and that means there need to be people willing to offer themselves as Councillors. What is more, we need a good turnout at the election to ensure we end up with a truly democratically chosen body to represent us. This website will be doing what it can to ensure full advantage is taken of this opportunity.





A taster for the Menston panto – Aladdin. Ballet by Menston youngsters

A foretaste of what is to come in the Menston panto (at the Kirklands Community Centre in March), which this year is Aladdin. Dancing in the 2015 show is to be choreographed by the teacher who has been turning Menston youngsters into superb dancers for the past 20 years at Kirklands – Stephanie Clements of Bradford Theatre Arts. Make sure you get your tickets early – it’s always a sell out.

Chorus in performance of 'A Christmas Carol' by  Bradford Theatre Arts at the Bradford Playhouse, December 2014

The picture and short video clips here are a little bit of Christmas from some talented Menston pupils who, along with other Bradford Theatre Arts dance pupils from other parts of Bradford, presented a wonderful show based on the Charles Dickens favourite A Christmas Carol at the New Bradford Playhouse at the end of last week. Here’s a taster.

A joyful Christmas dance

Talented Menston dance pupils

More clips and pictures from the show will be posted on grumpytyke’s personal blog sometime over the holiday period.

Another Christmas present?

Front cover of Menston history booklet 'The Laundry Whites'Another late Menston Christmas present idea to add to the list in the previous post, suggested by Cllr Dale Smith.

A reprint of a booklet by Michael Ayrton recalling the days of White’s Laundry, another valuable part of Menston history. It’s available from Village News at £15.


Ten late Christmas presents from Menston village

photo of holly with berriesphoto of holly with berriesStill got some Christmas presents to get? Menston businesses could provide some great gifts so save yourself the hassle of battling through the shopping crowds or buying on line. Here are a dozen ideas – any of the first ten will be supporting our local businesses – a Christmas present to each of them!
Click on any of the suggestions below for more details, or just scroll down. See a bigger size of most pictures by clicking them.

Healthy, fun cooking session for children with Mighty Chefs (voucher)
A term of dance lessons – modern, ballet and tap (voucher)
Food treats from Delicasolo (voucher)
A unique Wharfedale calendar from Smallprint
Membership of The Wharfedale Beer Club; a case of beer delivered
A series of Pilates sessions
Annual membership of the Menstone club
A night in Menston’s B&B – Bleachmill House
Menston history book
A limited edition print from local artist Justin Leeming
A small gift to the battered people of the Phillipines
Won’t cost you a thing – give a little of your blood to someone
This is free too – nominate a local hero

Mighty Chefs in action: left to right, instructor Lisa McLoughlin, Grace Cogan, Ruby Aldcock, Stephanie Kershaw, volunteer Leona McLoughlin, Georgia Voss, volunteer Hannah Richards, Louisa Katzee, Andre Katzee

Mighty Chefs in action at the Saturday morning session at the Menston Cricket Club: left to right, instructor Lisa McLoughlin, Grace Cogan, Ruby Aldcock, Stephanie Kershaw, volunteer Leona McLoughlin, Georgia Voss, volunteer Hannah Richards, Louisa Katzee, Andre Katzee

Mighty Chefs: A ‘different’ present for any child between 6 and 14 years old would be a session with ‘Might Chefs’, where they will have fun learning to cook nutritious, healthy and appetising food. A session costs £15, including all ingredients and use of necessary equipment. Sessions are at Menston Cricket Club once a month on Saturday mornings (first in 2015 in February). You can get a voucher for a session by calling Lisa on 0744 361 0773, emailing her at, or go to the website at: 

Thumbs up from the youngest dance group at their Saturday session at Kirklands. Left to right: back, Amelia, Isabel, Iona and Chloe; front Hannah, Amber, Orla, Stephanie andLauren.

Thumbs up from the youngest dance group at their Saturday session at Kirklands. Left to right: back, Amelia, Isabel, Iona and Chloe; front Hannah, Amber, Orla, Stephanie and Lauren.

Dance classes in Menston: With multiple awards and former pupils performing on the West End stage, the dance classes at Menston’s Kirklands Community Centre might  make an ideal present for a youngster and you could get a voucher for Christmas. Children, boys and girls, can join the classes from about two and a half years old.
For the little ones shown here a term of Saturday morning sessions will cost about £57 and a voucher for this can be obtained from dance teacher Stephanie, who has been teaching dance – ballet, modern and tap – in Menston for about 20 years. Scholarship winning Menston schoolboy Nic Cain, practising with Molly ? from East Morton during Menston dance classes at the Kirklands Community CentreAmong Menston award-winning pupils at present is Nic Cain (see previous post on this site by clicking the picture on the right). Stephanie’s Bradford-based dance company, Bradford Theatre Arts, has just won two more awards: ‘Best show of the year‘ and ‘Best child/youth ensemble of the year‘). You can see them performing next at the Bradford Playhouse in Little Germany on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 December evenings and Saturday 20 December afternoon and early evening. You can get tickets for ‘A Christmas Carol’ from the Playhouse box office or on-line via the Playhouse website.

Delicious bites from Delicasolo: Lots of ideas at Menston’s own Solo delicatessen and coffee shop. For a substantial present there are real panetonne from Italy, Christmas hampers, seafood platters and hams. Stocking fillers include unusually but deliciously flavoured popcorn (eg Camembert), or luscious Cloud Nine marshmallows. Or you can get a voucher to spend on anything from a coffee to the next Bistro evening.

The Wharfedale calendar, from SmallprintWharfedale Calendar: The Wharfedale calendar with photos taken by Tom at Smallprint and his family is available in a protective cellophane cover, and envelope for posting, from Smallprint in the village centre. It costs £5 and is a great present to post to former visitors to Wharfedale, who would surely welcome a reminder to hang in their home.

Menston entrepreneur Daniel Groom with a selection of some of the beers which can be delivered to your door by the Wharfedale Beer Club

Menston entrepreneur Daniel Groom with a selection of some of the beers which can be delivered to your door by the Wharfedale Beer Club

Wharfedale Beer Club: A case of some of the world’s great beers, from a War of the Roses Yorkshire v Lancashire selection to the best from South America would make a great present for any beer lover delivered direct to their door.
The Wharfedale Beer Club is almost the newest Menston local business, started up by Daniel Groom from his Menston home. He’s been in the beer business for many years and currently looks after a string of pubs. What is more, if you can’t find a beer you particularly want to buy, tell Daniel and he’ll do his best to locate it and deliver it to you.
Another good bit of news: the prices are generally quite a bit lower than you’d pay in a licensed establishment.
You’ll find more details on the website:
or contact Daniel on 0789 981 7486 or email

Pilates: How about a course of Pilates, specially for men, if Daniel’s beers (or other Christmas excesses) have added too much to the belly? Courses for men are among the speciality courses offered by The Studio in Cleasby Road (2 minutes from the station). Other speciality courses include those for expectant Mums and new Mums. For more details phone 01943 879816 or go to the website at:

Recent Christmas Fair in the Menstone

Recent Christmas Fair in the Menstone

Menstone Club: An annual membership of the Menstone Club in Farnley Road would be a good present for anyone who is not already a member. Annual membership is just £20 year and you have a comfortable place for a coffee, a beer or, at the moment, something seasonal. Comfortable and pleasant, there are snooker tables upstairs. The Menston Business Association has chosen it as its meeting place and there are a variety of activities there. Recently there has been a Christmas Fair and Father Christmas has been twice. More information and a membership application form on the website:
or phone 01943 878114.

Bleach Mill House gardenBleach Mill House B&B: On one of the most attractive Menston Walks, Bleach Mill House at the end of Bleach Mill Lane would be a delightful place for a visitor to our area to spend a night or two. They could also breakfast on the tasty free-range eggs from the handsome speckled hens which greet walkers. There is more information on the Bleach Mill House website.

historyMenston history: A book for the bookshelf of every Menston resident surely – Menston Remembered by Jack Kell. The author has been a Menston resident of over 90 years. He takes a look at the village in which he has lived and loved all his life, including his memories of village life. He records some of the changes that have taken place, highlighting areas of interest, some of its buildings and institutions and meeting some of its personalities from Menston’s recent past. With 173 photographs, maps and illustrations in its 208 pages, the book costs just £15. It is available from Village News in the village centre or from Londis. You can also order it on line and have it posted to where you wish at:

Photo of baby Lucinda with a painting of herOriginal painting or photograph: Menston’s resident artist and photographer, Justin Leeming, has a variety of limited edition prints and original paintings – all his own work – for sale or would take a commission, one idea being commissioning of a painting of a baby who he could then photograph with the painting, as shown in the picture. Justin, who is also a graphic designer, has a website at:

A present to the ravaged people of the PhillipinesAlthough thankfully the latest storm in the Phillipines did not result in the enormous loss of life seen in 2013, damage was still considerable and much remains to be done. You can help by making a Christmas gift to the Menston-based charity, Angels for Children, set up by Menston resident Beth Street earlier this year. A wonderful Soul night at the Menston Kirlands Community Centre and a ball at Ilkley’s Craiglands Hotel, both fundraising events, are to be repeated on 21 March and 6 June 2015 respectively but you can make a donation now by calling Beth on 0771 978 5986, or you can go to the website, where there is a ‘donate’ button:

Give blood 'flyer'A present only you can give: How about a present to an unknown person which will not cost you anything but might save their life? Just a little of your blood. There are donor sessions at the Menston Community Centre, Kirklands from 13.45 to 15.45 and from 16.45 to 19.30 on Tuesday 16 December.
There will be a number of walk-in appointments available for donors on the day but these are limited and so attendance is advised with an appointment. To book an appointment please visit
or call 0300 123 2323.

Twice nominated as a local hero, Shirley Thompson who work with Menston Cares

Awarded as a local hero, Shirley Thompson, who works as a volunteer with Menston Cares

Nominate a ‘Local hero’: Give a lovely present to a Menston volunteer which won’t cost you anything, by nominating a ‘local hero’ from Menston for next year’s  ‘Local Heros’ awards for Wharfedale and Airedale, run by the Shipley Area Committee of BMDC. Menston’s Shirley Thompson was awarded as a Community Hero earlier this year (see post on this site, 30 March 2014) for her work with Menston Cares.
There are four categories for an award: established a small group of volunteers, operating for less than or more than three years; an individual aged 22 or over; an individual 21 or under. Shirley Thompson was also nominated for the recent similar Telegraph and Argus local heroes awards. Closing date for nominations in Friday 19 December and you can nominate by getting a nomination form by calling 01274 437146 or;
but be quick as nominations close on Friday 19 December. 

Fun cooking for kids; New Menston business – Extraordinary Writing; first general meeting of Menston Business Association

Mighty Chefs in action at Menston Cricket Club on 13 Dec

Poster for Mighty Cheffs 13 Dec eventMenston’s ‘Mighty Chefs‘ are holding one of their cooking workshops for children between 6 and 14 years old at the Menston Cricket Club next Saturday morning (13 December).

The mission of Mighty Chefs is to introduce children to cooking and enjoying honest and nutritious food – but in a fun and exciting way. Mighty Chefs say that by enabling children to start cooking from an early age, they are encouraged to make wider food choices whilst gaining key life skills.

Click the poster picture to see it bigger but for more information on this innovative Menston business go to the website at:

New members at Menston Business Association November meeting

The first full members’ meeting of the Menston Business Association (MBA) was held at the Menstone Club on 21 November. Previous meetings since formation of the MBA have been committee meetings. New members were welcomed. The minutes of the meeting can be found on the MBA page; click the MBA logo in the right sidebar to go to it. The next meeting is scheduled for February 2015.

New Menston business, Extraordinary Writing, launched on Small Business Saturday

A new Menston business offering a writing and newsletter editing and production service, called Extraordinary Writing, was launched on 6 December, when the website went live:

The service was launched by the ‘webmaster’ of this site, former journalist, marketing communications and public relations consultant Roger Livesey, and is a member of the Menston Business Association.

Menston people and groups recognised

Watch out for the next post for news about some notable Menston people and groups which have gained some well-deserved awards and recognition. (If you ‘follow’ this blog – button top right – you will get notification of each new post as it appears).