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Menston Community Association pages on this website,, placed under the menu heading ‘Menston Community Association’, together with linked pages appearing in them are, from 10 November 2013, an ‘official’ communication from the Association. They may be commented upon in the usual way and the Association welcomes comments from residents. All residents of voting age are members of the association by virtue of their residency. Meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month.

The next MCA meeting is on Wednesday 4 February 2015, 7.30pm, Methodist Church Hall (back room)

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Letter of resignation from Chairman of MCA, 24 My 2014

Minutes of MCA meeting 7 May 2014

Agenda for MCA meeting 7 May 2014

Minutes of MCA meeting 2 April 2014

Agenda for MCA meeting 2 April 2014

Minutes of MCA meeting 5 March 2014

Agenda for MCA meeting 5 March 2014

Agenda for MCA meeting/Neighbour Forum 4 February 2014

Minutes of MCA meeting 8 January 2014

Christmas message from Steve Ellams, Chairman, MCA

Minutes of MCA meeting 4 December 2013

Draft agenda for meeting of MCA on 4 December 2013

MCA Chairman’s comment on Bradford Council announcement (11 Nov) on future housing development

Minutes of MCA meeting, 6 November 2013

Minutes of MCA Annual General Meeting, 8 October 2013

MCA Annual General Meeting, 7 October 2014

MCA Committee Meeting, 4 December 2014

4 responses to “Menston Community Association

  1. Stuart Garforth

    HI understand that there is a meeting re road calming measures , when /where is it and can a Guiseley Resident attend ?

    • Hi Stuart
      Simon Duvali is the Bradford MDC highways chap,he will be at the Parish Council Meeting at the end of the month at Kirklands Community Centre on Thursday 30 Jan 7-00 p.m.
      Hopefully to answer questions and as a member of the public I can not see any reason for you not to attend,

      Best wishes

      Steve Ellams
      Chairman Menston Community Association

    • Hello Stuart. An email sent to you at the address associated with your question (‘comment’), saying that your question was being forwarded to officer of the Menston Community Association, ‘bounced’, but the Chairman has replied to your question here on the site. I hope you pick it up.

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