Letter of resignation from Steve Ellams

Circulated by email 24 May 2014

Dear all

Even though I have the greatest of respect for our democratic process the result on Friday was devastating not just for me but above all our community as well. As current chairman of M.C.A. I cannot accept a Conservative councillor who in my opinion is not creditable for the position he now holds.

I will never be able to work alongside three Conservative councillors, two from Burley who know little or nothing about Menston, and one who put party politics above his community . Under Election Law (Representation of the People Act 1983) I could have reported the current Councillor to the police for the incorrect imprint on the Conservative literature, a statement in the T&A newspaper saying he lives in Menston, the plagiarised strap line from my leaflet and the ”conservative use of the truth” on the Alternative Menston village web site. I chose not to!

This being the case my wife and I have looked back over the past five years from the days of the Referendum to the Village Green Inquiry to the planning meetings, letters of objection, petitions to Bradford Council, Ombudsman involvement and all the other disappointments which I and our community have had to bear. As a consequence of all these I have therefore decided to resign from being Chairman of the Menston Community Association with immediate effect.

I hope in my heart of hearts that the community will understand that this action is not just ‘sour grapes’. I have swallowed enough sour grapes to last me a lifetime these past 4-5 years.

The amount of effort and work I have put in over these past few years have taken their toll on all aspects of my life which I now want to get back.

I know there will be a lot of disappointed people out there and I am very grateful to all of you that voted for me and who have given me such fantastic support over the years but I have had to come to this decision as I am exhausted mentally and physically.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the involvement in the village but my enthusiasm and abilities could not unfortunately stretch to Burley-in-Wharfedale.

I hope that Alan Elsegood will temporarily pick up the pieces.

I leave you with this one thought:



Thank you again to one and all.

My very best wishes

Steve Ellams

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