Menston Community Association meeting 5 March, agenda

The next meeting of Menston Community Association will be held in the Methodist Church main street Menston on Wednesday 5th March starting at 7.30


  1. Welcome and apologies for absence

  2. Minutes of forum meeting and matters arising 4th February

  3. Any correspondence

  4. Menston in Bloom report.

  5. Parish Council report.

  6. Update on Notice Boards business initiative.

  7. Latest on Film Show project.

  8. Planning: update on community consultation on village roads & representations on Local Plan

  9. Vehicle show update

  10. Review of the MCA Constitution.

  11. A.O.B.

  12. Date of the next meeting April 2nd 2014, Methodist Church Hall 7.30

Dr Steve Ellams
Chairman, Menston Community Association

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