Message from Steve Ellams, Chairman, Menston Community Association

Dear All

This is my first Christmas message to one and all as Chairman of the MCA.

Even though the year has had a few disappointments, particularly from the planning point of view, I am pleased to finish the year on a positive note.

The inappropriate wind farm application at the back of High Royds was turned down and the number of houses proposed under the Bradford Local Development reduced dramatically. To those out there who say it doesn’t make any difference what you say or do I would reconsider this and point out that if you apply this logic we would certainly be blighted with the wind farm and be swamped with over 900 new houses. So with effort, good luck and right on our side we may have turned a corner.

The New Year will see yet another planning application to be determined on Bingley Road, this will be a full application. If you want to stop this development, object now.

As per usual the developer and Bradford Council have submitted this application over a holiday period thinking we will all go to sleep. Let them see this is not the case! A war of attrition has been fought so far, we have right on our side and we will not go away. The developer has huge resources, we have the moral high ground. The MCA has represented your wishes over these past three to four years and I hope I can continue to represent you going into 2014.

Have a Happy Christmas and New Year, recharge your batteries and come out fighting for your community in 2014


Steve Ellams

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