Menston village, Wharfedale, Yorkshire – new website

This blog for Menston village was created on 26 July 2013 but ‘went public’ on 8 August. There will be posts (news, or sometimes an opinion piece from ‘columnist’  grumpytyke which you can comment on) about once a week. You can comment on any post, and read any comments posted, by clicking at the bottom right of the page on:

? Comments

The structure and the content for the ‘static’ pages  – eg ‘Shops’ or ‘Churches’ – is now more or less complete though may be added to or augmented over the days and weeks as new information becomes available; the Events pages will of course be updated regularly. The ‘static’ pages are accessed from the top menu;  you can comment on these too.

Why not ‘follow’ this blog to be informed each time something new is added. It will be about once a week so you will not be flooded with things.


Menston village coop on reopening day

The Menston coop is open again (8 August). Brighter, more spacious. Welcome back.

There is an About page with a little more information. Each top menu heading has a general page with links to pages on each subject, which can also be accessed directly by the sub-menu headings.

If there is anything you feel is missing which you think should be there, or you’ve spotted an error, please let us know as explained under ‘Contribute’.

If you run a club, a group or any community activity, are planning an event in the village, or any other news about the village or its residents, let us know. Again, for more details on how go to the menu item ‘Contribute’.

If you ‘follow’ this blog you can be informed every time there is a new post. Our aim is a new post about once a week so you won’t be overburdened. You can follow this blog by inserting your email address at the top right of the right hand column; however, if you are logged in to a WordPress account – so have a blog of your own – you should see a ‘Follow’ button, in which case just click it.

Next contribution from grumpytyke, Sunday: ‘Buy local’ for Menston?

2 responses to “Menston village, Wharfedale, Yorkshire – new website

  1. HI Thanks for dropping the flyer around to The Studio on Cleasby Road. Can I send you a picture and give you a bit more information for the site?

    • Many thanks for the feedback. There isn’t a facility on this site for putting more about a business than the simple entry in the business listings but if there is some genuine ‘news’ about a business then that may make a ‘post’ or be included in one. The introductory text to the ‘Businesses’ page has been amended to make this clearer. As far as The Studio is concerned see the email sent to you (sent before your ‘comment’ above was picked up).

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