Menston Village Show results; best wishes to our anti-greenfield development delegation; stop Wharfedale greenfield development petition gathers pace


Best wishes to our delegation, led by Cllr Dale Smith, TO BRADFORD MDC PLANNING DEPARTMENT ON MONDAY 16 September. The latest phase in fighting the inappropriate Housing development proposed for Menston’s green fields. Watch this space for an update when available


The 38th Annual Menston Village Show brought a host of entries in most classes though general opinion seemed to be that there were not as many entries in the children’s classes as in previous years. Major prizes went to:

Leslie Wood Memorial Trophy (Best in Show) awarded to:

E Loy

Barbara Hannam Trophy (Best Children’s Entry) awarded to:

L Henderson

Fawcett Trophy (Overall Winner) awarded to:

C Wilson

Click here for full prize and trophy results of the 38th Annual Menston Show, 14 September 2013

Results are taken from hand-written sheets provided by show officials. Any errors, or names spelt incorrectly, please let us know by email to and they will be corrected. The prize result pages will remain on the site until the next show, in 2014.

Stop greenfield development in Wharfedale; petition gathers pace

The petition against greenfield development in Wharfedale, mentioned in our post of 30 August, is gathering signatures fast. Over 250 people signed up at the Menston Village Show. For more information or if you’d like to help collect signatures, contact Steve Ellams, email

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