Menston still considering options to fight inappropriate housing; more attention to youth in coming year; Remembrance


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Fighting inappropriate housing developments

Menston village, still smarting from the latest ill treatment at the hands of Bradford Council, is considering a number of options to stop the building of houses on Derry Hill and Bingley Road, which all the evidence suggests will result in increased flooding in the village. The Parish Council has very diplomatically asked for “advice” on how they should “respond to residents, current or potential, who are contemplating the purchase of property on a site affected by seasonal springs”, given that the Parish Council has a Duty of Care  to its residents. Click to see Duty of Care letter

As might have been expected, much of the first meeting of the Menston Community Association (MCA) under recently elected Chairman Steve Ellams was given over to discussions about the proposed housing developments, but a suggestion from the floor that the MCA should put projects to involve youth as a top priority during Steve’s four year term of office was greeted with some enthusiasm by those attending.

Youth project to introduce older residents to the wonders of computers and internet?

A specific project, to involve youngsters in ‘teaching’ older members of the community how to use a computer and internet, is being investigated as a beginning. It is known that when older people who are averse to computers see the wonders of communicating with family far away, on Skype or email, they are often converted and eager to learn how to use the technology. Youngsters are surely the people to show them.

The project idea was prompted when it was learned that some funding might be available for such a project. In fact the deadline to make an application is this week – too little time – so an extension is being sought. In any case, if enough young people are interested in it then a way will be found to make it happen.

If any youngster between 11 and 19 years would be interested to become involved in this project get in touch with the MCA Chairman Steve Ellams, email

Menston Car Show scope broadened to engage the 20 to 40 year olds

There is another generation which is not so well catered for in Menston – the 20 to 40 year olds. A start might be made to engage with them with the proposed bi-annual Menston Car Show, the first of which is scheduled for 5 May, the first Bank Holiday,  next year. Super cars, rally cars and other high performance vehicles are being added to the classic vehicles we saw at the Jubilee celebrations last year to broaden the appeal.


Menston remembering WW1

Cllr Dale Smith told the meeting that plans were underway for Menston to mark the 100 years since the start of the First World War. Many different events are proposed throughout the year. We will endeavour to cover each of them as information is made available.


Remembrance Service 11th Nov 2013

There will be a Remembrance Service outside the Kirklands Community Centre, Main Street, on Monday 11 November. It will begin at about 10.45am.


Helping Menston Community Association to communicate with residents

Although the ‘official’ Menston website is now working, in a way, it is understood that the possibilities are limited. In this situation a section of this website is being made available to the MCA. So, although the site will generally remain completely independent of any organisations in the village, items appearing under the menu heading ‘Menston Community Assocation’ will in future be supplied by the MCA and be published unaltered. Maybe the first thing to appear with this new arrangement will be the minutes of the meeting of Wednesday of this week.

PS. 10 Nov 2013. The MCA section is now ‘active’ and you will find the minutes of last week’s meeting under the MCA menu heading. Click this para to go immediately to it.

3 responses to “Menston still considering options to fight inappropriate housing; more attention to youth in coming year; Remembrance

  1. If you look at the ‘official’ village web site menston you will see the latest planning application for the remaining low lying field on Bingley Road.
    Yet again the flooding and drainage report is flawed. This site has ducks on it for part of the year and the housing is certainly for the more affluent
    2.4 children 2-3 cars etc Certainly not ‘affordable’?,
    When will BMDC understand without the infrastructure what is the point!!!
    Look at the problem with education, the development will bring more problems to the community; let’s see what problems closing Derry Hill up until Xmas creates(new gas main) This will be a small taster of what to expect if all of the developments planned go ahead!
    Dr Steve Ellams
    Chairman, Menston Community Association

  2. Menston railway station car park: how about a park and ride from Porrits Field or possibly compulsory purchase of the houses surrounding the site?
    How does Councillor Whiteley envisage extending the parking when the entire community knows (not to mention Metro ) it isn’t possible!!!

  3. I had a Conservative local constituency ‘newspaper’ (In Touch) in my letterbox in Menston yesterday. Not one word from Philip Davies MP about the biggest problem facing our village – hundreds of houses on two completely inappropriate sites. Cllr Dale Smith says that it is “still the biggest single issue as we battle to save our green fields from unsustainable over-development”. Cllr Jackie Whiteley is more concerned with current parking problems and says she met with Metro to “challenge them on the lack of parking at stations …”. Has she ever visited Menston? Where on earth does she suggest extra parking could go, let alone for the scores of extra places needed if the hundreds of new houses proposed are built? Is it any wonder that overall Menston residents believe that our MP is doing little or nothing to help them avoid the consequences of BMDC’s planning disasters – grumpytyke

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