Bradford BMDC; Philip Davies MP asks for House of Commons debate, not just re Paul Flowers

Following conversations with various Menston residents, Philip Davies MP has confirmed that he has asked for an adjournment debate in the House of Commons “on the activities of Labour-run Bradford Council“, for reasons including “my constituents in Menston have serious and legitimate complaints about the planning process”. This follows a question our MP recently asked of the Minister.


This will certainly be at the top of the agenda at the MCA meeting on 4 December (7.30pm, Methodist Church Hall, Main Street). Come along and support the people who are battling to keep Menston the wonderful Wharfedale village that it is. Click for the rest of the agenda

Adjournment debates are at the discretion of the Speaker of the House, usually on the basis of a ballot, so our MP has said that he cannot guarantee such a debate but, he says, he will “try my best”.

Here is the record of the relevant proceedings in the House:

Philip Davies (Shipley, Conservative)

May we have a debate on the activities of Labour-run Bradford council? Not only are there questions about whether there was a cover-up regarding Paul Flowers, but my constituents in Menston have serious and legitimate complaints about the planning process, which led to a planning application being approved on a wholly inappropriate site. I have received a letter from a developer saying that Bradford council planning officers are supporting developers in pursuing another bid for housing on another inappropriate development site, which has been rejected by a planning committee, a planning inspector and the Secretary of State twice. Is it not time that my constituents had a council that worked in their interests, not against their interests?

Andrew Lansley (South Cambridgeshire, Conservative)

I understand why my hon. Friend wants to raise issues on behalf of his constituents about which he has concerns. He will understand that I am not in a position to comment on the specific matters to which he refers. Fortunately, he has the opportunity to raise those matters in the House by seeking an Adjournment debate. That would allow him to set out in more detail for his constituents and for others the concerns that he has about Bradford council.

Philip Davies has also undertaken to take Menston residents’ concerns up again with the Council itself, but also with the Local Government Ombudsman.

3 responses to “Bradford BMDC; Philip Davies MP asks for House of Commons debate, not just re Paul Flowers

  1. Many readers may not know that (then Cllr) ‘Rev’ Paul Flowers formerly held the Housing and Development portfolio at Bradford Council, I believe at the time the application to build housing on inappropriate sites in Menston was first made. Coincidence? It’s interesting that another very active church member’s name (different church) crops up again and again in this saga. Also coincidence? – grumpytyke

  2. I have just spoken to our M.P. Philip Davies and am extremly grateful to him for the question he has put to the House. I have a meeting with him in the very near future and will bring more evidence as to the wrong doing at BMDC to his attention.
    For those who do not know Paul Flowers was the portfolio holder for planning at Bradford up to Sept 2011, as a consequence our planning applications were ongoing during his watch.
    I will continue to press for a Public Inquiry on the way the planning department have handled Derry Hill and Bingley Road applications.

    Dr Steve Ellams
    Menston Community Association Chairman

  3. Please forward my thanks to Philip Davis. I have just read the transcript of his statement for a House of Comons Debate regarding Bradford Council.
    Let us hope they are brought to acount for their actions.
    John Naylor

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