Happy New Year Menston – some good news to begin

Wishing a Happy New Year to all Menston residents, and especially to the faithful who ‘follow’ this blog (if you do not just click the ‘Follow’ box on the right and enter your email address, then you will be informed every time there is a new post); it’s great to begin the year with some good news.

BMDC to be held to account?

The incompetents (or are they supremely competent at seeming incompetent?) in Bradford Council who are bent on destroying our village may be held to account it seems; as reported just before Christmas, the Local Authority Ombudsman seems to have agreed that BMDC may well not have behaved in an acceptable manner as far as the applications to build unsuitable housing in unsuitable locations in Menston is concerned. The Ombudsman has agreed that there is sufficient evidence to merit an investigation; click this phrase to see the bones of the letter from them here.

Our MP Philip Davies has thrown down the gauntlet again by objecting to the latest application to build yet more houses off Bingley Road and, as reported towards the end of last year, is still endeavouring to get an Adjournment Debate in the House of Commons on the unacceptable activities of BMDC as far as Menston is concerned. You can make an objection on line; click on this sentence to go to the relevant section of the BMDC website.

An up-to-date summary of the situation on the inappropriate housing developments in the village has been prepared by seasoned campaigner, former Chairman of the Menston Community Association (now Secretary), Alan Elsegood. You can see the summary by clicking on this phrase; it will no doubt be a major item for discussion at the first 2014 meeting of the Menston Community Association on Wednesday 8th January evening.

Click on this paragraph for the Agenda for the meeting.

Local heroes?

This prompts a suggestion: Alan must surely merit the accolade of ‘Local Community Hero’; nominations are being sought for the SHIPLEY AREA COMMUNITY HEROES AWARDS 2013 – 2014. The closing date for nominations is 31 January and there may be others in Menston, young and not so young (there are four categories), who you might wish to nominate. More information from the Admin team at Shipley Area Coordinator’s Office on 01274 437146, or e-mail
As this is part of BMDC perhaps Alan’s nomination is unlikely to be accepted, but wouldn’t it be  good idea to embarrass them with a large number for him?

Promoting local businesses

Another item on the 8 January agenda is connected to promoting local businesses and especially support of local shops and ‘consumer’ businesses. Let’s mention one which has just become evident to this website: Croft Park seems to have become a centre for personal care with three hair and two other ‘beauty salons’.

Logo for Relax&Revive

Logo for Relax&Revive

Relax & Revive is the name of a salon at number 11. Run by Alison Bloor, it specialises in “holistic and sports massage, beauty treatments including reflexology, Indian head massage, pregnancy massage and facials”. The business will now be added to the businesses listings but there is more information on the website at www.relaxandrevive.org.

A competent seamstress in Menston?

Another listing on this site which has not been used as much as hoped is that seeking people to do small jobs or those offering to do them. A new one is looking for a competent seamstress to make some loose covers for an an old ‘Lazyboy’ chair. More information on the ‘Jobs’ pages.

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