11+ good reasons to go to the Menston traffic management consultation

Past experience of ‘consultations’ on possible Menston developments run by Bradford Council may have convinced you that taking part in such consultations is a waste of time. However, the investigation of the Council by the Local Authority Ombudsman may have persuaded Officers and Councillors to observe proper procedures this time.

A consultation, on 25 February, provides a five hour window (see under ‘Events‘) in the Kirklands Community Centre main hall to go and make your views known. It is known as a ‘TIER 2 CONSULTATION’ on traffic and roads, but you don’t need to know that.

Despite the assurances given at the recent Neighbourhood Forum by the chairman of the Menston Parish Council Planning Committee – Cllr Metcalfe – that the proposals would improve traffic flow and safety, many at the meeting remained unconvinced and many more in the village consider that, if carried out, the proposals will destroy the village as we know it.

Links to lists of many objections were given in a recent post and to give you time to think about them here are some of the most important links with 11 objections mentioned:

Whether or not you can go to the consultation, feel free to add your objections in a comment at the end of this post; they will be consolidated with those above and be deposited at the consultation. However …

Grumpytyke says:

Has Cllr Metcalfe or the traffic “experts” he mentioned or those from Bradford Council ever driven from the Chevin Pub down Buckle Lane then on Bingley Road to Dick Hudsons, in the ‘rush’ periods when dark in the winter, let alone when it’s raining or snowing? I have had to drive at such times from Menston to Eldwick, frequently; the traffic is very heavy and it is extremely dangerous. The nonsense of pouring more traffic, from a fair proportion of the 300 or so houses proposed in Menston, will sustantially increase the danger no matter what is done to slow traffic in Menston itself. The proposals will certainly cause a log-jam on the Menston section of Bingley Road, leaving frustrated drivers to take their chances on the narrow, twisting, undulating Buckle Lane and Bingley/Otley Roads. Has any one of the “experts” given any thought to this? The answer lies not in costly plans on paper by so-called “experts”, it lies in preventing the ridiculous developments. In any case, I’m in favour of a 20mph limit throughout the village with no more than speed signs at each entrance; but the limit will need to be enforced, as anyone dodging the trade vehicles while walking in the village centre early morning will know.

Note the ‘Imminent events’ in the right hand column. After a long wait a bug in the software might have been fixed so imminent events in Menston can be flagged up, with more details under the ‘Events’ menu. Here’s hoping it continues to work!

One response to “11+ good reasons to go to the Menston traffic management consultation

  1. I love zooming round the village in my trades vehicle early in a morning.

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