Fairtrade, Soul, awards for St Mary’s and Menston ‘traffic management’

Battling the attempted destruction of our village by Bradford Council is not the only thing going on in Menston nor the only thing occupying the Menston Community Association. Click on any of the links below to go directly to the story.

Fairtrade Fortnight

The St Mary's team display the Fairtrade status award.

The Fairtrade team display their Fairtrade status award. L-r:- Catherine Garrett (Acting Headteacher), Isobel Tysoe, Thomas Rothwell (Acting Headteacher), Felicity Hemming, Stuart Andrew MP, Jack Tunnecliff, Caitlin
Grady, Benedict Kershaw, Louise Oddy, Marienn Collins, David Geldart (Assistant Headteacher)

St. Mary’s Menston were awarded Fairtrade Schools Status in February, the award being presented to the school by Stuart Andrew MP in a special assembly in February to mark the beginning of Fairtrade fortnight. To qualify for the award, the school had to meet five set goals:

  • to set up a Fairtrade student group
  • to adopt a Fairtrade Policy
  • teach Fairtrade lessons
  • sell Fairtrade products
  • actively campaign for Fairtrade

The school had a series of activities to raise awareness of Fairtrade products including a “Crossbar Challenge”, quiz, bun sales, creative writing and prayer workshops.

The Fairtrade Assessor said of the St. Mary’s application: “Congratulations, St. Mary’s! It is evident that you are working very hard to make Fairtrade a vital part of your school life and that the entire student and staff body are embracing it with great enthusiasm. Your hard work has paid off – I am very pleased to recommend you for approval and am excited to see what you do in the future.”

Fairtrade stall. There will be a Fairtrade stall on Saturday 8 March from 10 am to 12 noon at the Cornerstone cafe on Main Street as part of Fairtrade fortnight.

PhilipPines Typhoon

The Fairtrade Assessor said of St. Mary’s application:- "Congratulations, St. Mary's! It is evident that you are working very hard to make Fairtrade a vital part of your school life and that the entire student and staff body are embracing it with great enthusiasm. Your hard work has paid off - I am very pleased to recommend you for approval and am excited to see what you do in the future."

Poster for the event on Saturday 15 March to help schools in Philippines devasted by typhoon Haiyan

Schools in the Philippines were devastated by Typhoon Haiyan last November. Some of the devastation can be seen in the poster here (click it to see it larger). There’s an opportunity to help and have a great evening at an event on Saturday evening, 15 March, at the Kirklands Community Centre, organised by Menston resident Beth Street.

Soul music, soul food (chilli and rice) and dancing are the recipe for the evening from 8.00 to 11.00pm. The Soul Surgeons will be providing the music. Sally’s Army, the ladies group from Otley, will be singing a varied programme of 50’s Classics from Elvis and the Poni-Tails to more modern numbers by Caro Emerald and Take That. All proceeds will go towards the rebuilding of schools in areas of the Philippines destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan.

Tickets are just £10 for this great cause; to book or enquire contact Beth Street on 07719 785986 or email Babeth70@sky.com

St Mary’s night of trashion

St Marys year 13 students displaying the 'Trashion' they created

Fashion from trash was created and showed by St Mary’s students as part of studying the environment within the Religious Studies programme

St Mary’s Menston have been busy not only with Fairtrade. Valentine’s Day saw year 13 students mounting a ‘Trashion Show’ as part of ‘Creativity on Show’, ending a day considering the theme ‘The Environment’ as part of the Religious Studies programme. During the ‘runway’ fashion show, students modelled items of clothing made from recycled materials such as crisp packets and bin liners.

Mgr Vladimir Felzmann with St Mary's Sports Leaders

Mgr Vladimir Felzmann with St Mary’s Sports Leaders

Sport award. St. Mary’s Menston has become only the fifth school in the country to be accepted into the John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport. The John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport was launched by Pope Benedict XVI on his visit to the UK in 2010. The Foundation is inspired by Pope John Paul’s own vision of sport’s unique potential to develop individuals and communities.

St. Mary’s was presented with a special certificate to mark the occasion by Monsignor Vladimir Felzmann, Chief Executive of the Foundation. Presenting the certificate, he said: “St. Mary’s epitomises the values of the John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport. The scope and influence of PE and Sport at St. Mary’s is vast, both within and beyond the school. This is a school that uses PE and Sport in the most positive way with its own students and in the wider community. The vision, commitment and outcomes are inspirational. 

Mr David Geldart, Assistant Headteacher, who has been at the forefront of Physical Education and Sport Development at the school for many years said: “This is a most significant accolade for all associated with the school. The Foundation honours the memory of Pope John Paul II who was a great advocate for all the positive attributes that sport can bring; we are totally committed to those values in our work at St. Mary’s, in the wider community and in our international work in South Africa, the BAMBISANANI PARTNERSHIP.

MCA meeting 5 March

The forthcoming village motor show (5 May), an update on the possibiity of regular film shows in Menston, the village information board project, and of course reactions to the traffic management scheme proposed for Menston are all on the agenda for the Menston Community Association meeting on Wednesday 5 March in the Methodist church hall, Main street. Click HERE for the MCA page and access to the full agenda.

Local business initiatives

Proposals for promoting support of local shops and businesses are moving forward on two fronts. Sue Rix, working in a personal capacity not as a Parish Councillor, will be presenting proposals of a small working group at the 5 March MCA meeting for more and better village information boards, which are intended to include information on local shops and businesses as well as local charities and groups and things like village walks.

Apart from the MCA initiative, some local businesses are planning to get together at the beginning of April to discuss a possible campaign and other measures to promote local business. If you’d like to be involved watch this web site for more details when available and drop an email expressing interest to menston.village.wharfedale@gmail.com.

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