560 visitors to menstonvillagewharfedale site over the Vehicle Show weekend

Jowett coal merchant's car



It is very encouraging to see that visitors to the ‘alternative’ Menston village website, this website that is, http://menstonvillagewharfedale.com, numbered well over 500 over the Menston Vehicle Show weekend  – 70 on the Saturday, 200 on the Sunday and 291 on the morning of the show.

'Photographer' at the Menston Village Vehicle Show 2014Most of these clearly visited to get information on the show from the ‘show page‘ before coming to the event, though some took the opportunity to visit other pages on the site too with a total of 2,033 pages visited, ie an average of 3.6 pages per visit. It makes the considerable amount of time necessary to maintain this site worthwhile.

 More followers

1/10 scale model Tiger tankIt is also encouraging to see an increasing number of people ‘following’ the site, which means they get an email notification every time there is a new blog post. If you do not, just put your email address (it will not be publicised in any way) in the follow box at the top right. It’s more efficient than visiting the site on spec to see if there is something new.

Jaguar!The pre-show page will be augmented with a post-show page over this coming weekend – lots of pictures: cars, bikes, scooters, tank, organ, dogs and of course people. If you follow the site you’ll be notified when it’s posted. Meanwhile there are one or two small ‘tasters’ in this post.


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