Menston stays with the Conservatives

So the Conservative candidate, Gerry Barker, was returned as Wharfedale Ward Councillor in yesterday’s election. The Independent candidate, Steve Ellams, came second.

It now remains to be seen whether ‘Councillor’ Barker keeps his pre-election promises of getting closely involved with the Menston community and fighting their corner in BMDC, which he claimed he could not do previously as he was a policeman …

… 15 years ago!

3 responses to “Menston stays with the Conservatives

  1. Peter Constable

    Couldn’t agree more with Alan’s comments.
    Who is Gerry Barker? We’ve had no information about him delivered by leaflet etc, we are after all Menston residents who need to know what the future councillors will do for the common good for our community starting with 100% support for overwhelming concerns for the village.Seems to me pick any name from a blue hat, push him forward into the clutches of a long standing conservative party member of whom many of the ‘voters’ will simply say, I have and always will be a ‘conservative’ supporter regardless of ethics and current issues which in my opinion will never alter unless we witness the support and encouragement of our chosen candidate i.e. Steve Ellams comes to mind as we are yet to see what our newly elected candidate will do, so we are yet again watching this space and the representative elected regardless of his past history which could have allegedly been a contributory factor in his manifesto (what manifesto?)
    So, in through the Conservative door they go together, the new candidate learning ‘this is how WE the elected do things here ‘ and the people who voted them in on the other side of the Conservative door are left yet again disillusioned!
    Words and promises are hollow without actions – prove us wrong then !

  2. Ah, a graceful loser. Idiot.

  3. contributorone1

    It is clear from the vote that a very large number of Menston residents know what efforts Steve has made on behalf of this village, and entrusted their votes to him to continue those efforts.
    Unfortunately, it remains the case that if you paint a donkey blue and lead it to Wharfedale Ward with a “Vote for me” hat on, there are enough people who would. You have to respect the workings of democracy (don’t you? – even in Bradford District where it’s not practised!) but the electors have chosen a Freemason who’s done NOTHING for this community since he retired from the Police almost 15 years ago and is a jovial waste of oxygen.  And Dale Smith has helped him get elected.  What does that say about Dale’s loyalties?  To me it says that his first priority is to his political party and his political masters, and this community comes second.  You get nowt for coming second, and that’s what I shall contribute to Dale and his new best pal – NOWT.  That’s three Conservative Ward Councillors, and not one of them has, or is ever likely to, work for this community like Steve Ellams has.
    Sadly, the electorate will get the Laughing (Former) Policeman it voted for, but he won’t half have to graft to overcome the resentment there will be in Menston, and he’ll never command the respect that Steve has and will continue to attract.  If Gerry Barker does as much for the Ward as Jackie Whiteley has … (????) …..  we’ll then have two book-ends. All they’ll need is a plank to join them up, and they’ll still be FURNITURE. Watch out for Bradford Council to mince us up. Smith, Whiteley, Barker: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  That reminds me:   I’ve a brass ornament somewhere …. !
    Alan Elsegood

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