Fun cooking for kids; New Menston business – Extraordinary Writing; first general meeting of Menston Business Association

Mighty Chefs in action at Menston Cricket Club on 13 Dec

Poster for Mighty Cheffs 13 Dec eventMenston’s ‘Mighty Chefs‘ are holding one of their cooking workshops for children between 6 and 14 years old at the Menston Cricket Club next Saturday morning (13 December).

The mission of Mighty Chefs is to introduce children to cooking and enjoying honest and nutritious food – but in a fun and exciting way. Mighty Chefs say that by enabling children to start cooking from an early age, they are encouraged to make wider food choices whilst gaining key life skills.

Click the poster picture to see it bigger but for more information on this innovative Menston business go to the website at:

New members at Menston Business Association November meeting

The first full members’ meeting of the Menston Business Association (MBA) was held at the Menstone Club on 21 November. Previous meetings since formation of the MBA have been committee meetings. New members were welcomed. The minutes of the meeting can be found on the MBA page; click the MBA logo in the right sidebar to go to it. The next meeting is scheduled for February 2015.

New Menston business, Extraordinary Writing, launched on Small Business Saturday

A new Menston business offering a writing and newsletter editing and production service, called Extraordinary Writing, was launched on 6 December, when the website went live:

The service was launched by the ‘webmaster’ of this site, former journalist, marketing communications and public relations consultant Roger Livesey, and is a member of the Menston Business Association.

Menston people and groups recognised

Watch out for the next post for news about some notable Menston people and groups which have gained some well-deserved awards and recognition. (If you ‘follow’ this blog – button top right – you will get notification of each new post as it appears).

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