Menston Village Show 2015 Results

Elizabeth Loy with her intriguing collection of things animal, mineral and vegetable

Elizabeth Loy with her intriguing collection of things animal, mineral and vegetable

Frances Johnson with her arrangement and trophy

‘Best in Show’ was the flower arrangement ‘Menston Show 40th Birthday’ by Frances Johnson, who now holds the Leslie Wood Memorial Trophy.

Though the number of entries on the 40th Menston Show, 2015, was down on last year, due in part at least to the dismal summer weather, “the standard was very high, causing some problems for the judges in choosing winners”, commented Show President Sue Rix introducing the prize giving. In fact some trophies were awarded jointly to more than one entrant.

Long-serving show committee member Elizabeth Loy brought a fascinating display of things animal, vegetable and mineral and asked visitors to say what they were. A beetle the size of a sparrow, a giant starfish and a less unusual spray of yew were alongside a spray of gypsophilia which, Elizabeth told us, was commonly called ‘baby’s breath’, and so featured appropriately in flower arrangements on the theme ‘Royal baby’. Elizabeth took the Joan Pullan cup for flower arrangement.

Four year old Beatrice wth her book, prize in show sponsors Ribston Pippin's competition

Four year old Beatrice, who won her prize in show sponsors Ribston Pippin’s competition, with the estate agent’s director Lisa

Emily with her cup

Emily Pugh won the cup for her picture entered in the new -pre-school class

Under 5s competing

It was lovely to see some ‘tiny tots’ competing and there were at least two prize winners under 5 years old: Emily Pugh won the newly introduced picture competition for pre-schoolers and with it a children’s cup; a prize for under 5s in the competition run by Show sponsors Ribston Pippin went to four years old Beatrice.

‘Best in Show’, the Leslie Wood Memorial Trophy, went to Frances Johnson for a wonderful flower arrangement on the theme ‘Menston Show 40th birthday’, set in a planter full of a variety of things found in other show classes.

Though vegetables were a bit sparse it was good to see some very ugly potatoes which, ugly they may be, but for taste most more usually-shaped potatoes cannot compete, as one lucky bidder at the after show produce auction can attest as he had them for dinner the same evening (guess who!). The auction is a great opportunity to get some fresh home-grown produce rather than runner beans from Spain, tomatoes from Holland, etc, etc.

Call to join show committee

A surprising revelation by Sue Rix in her thanks, which included those for the other show sponsor Manor Coating Systems of Shipley: the show committee, which meets just four times a year, still has founding members, from 40 years ago, serving. New recruits will be welcomed, she said.



for all the results from the 2015 show.

Click any picture too see it larger, as part of a slide show of all the pictures below (pictures are copyright Petronela Prisca and Roger Livesey but Menston residents are welcome to grab them for family use).

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