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Menston is a village in Wharfedale, Yorkshire, close to the small towns of Ilkley and Otley, on the southern slopes of the river Wharfe valley. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside, only a five minutes walk from the village centre to the west or east; a few more minutes in a car to the north.

For a larger scale map of the Diocesan Parish click here. The civil parish is more compact, extends further to the east but less to the west. This website considers Menston to cover the areas of both ‘parishes’ but also to include the development around the former High Royds hospital, known popularly locally as ‘Menston’, and St Mary’s Menston high school, although both of these are outside of the parish boundaries.

A striking feature of the village is its sense of community and a walk down the main street will mean a great number of “good morning”s or similar greetings.

Menston in Wharfedale map

The Diocesan Parish of Menston in relation to the spa town of Harrogate and the two major cities of Bradford and Leeds

Menston Civil Parish boundary.

Menston Civil Parish boundary.

There should be new posts at least once a month, often more frequently, so it should be worth a regular visit. Those who are logged in to a WordPress account (ie have a WordPress blog of their own) will know they are able just to click a ‘Follow’ button to get notification of new entries. Those who do not can enter their email address at the top of the right hand column to follow and get email notifications. Their email address is not made public. Similarly, they can elect to be informed of new ‘comments’ on posts.

The authors of this blog have lived in Menston for over 6 years (at June 2017). The creator of this ‘alternative’ website/blog thought the village merited an ‘informal’ site, and most importantly to include a blog so that people can comment and enter into discussions about village matters; all residents or others with a connection to the village are encouraged to contribute in this way. The easiest way to do this is to submit a ‘comment’  – at the bottom of every blog or a page; although they are ‘approved’ before publication, this is only to prevent ‘spam’ appearing and all comments, positive or negative, are approved providing they are not obscene, libellous, otherwise illegal or barely disguised commercial advertising.

We also have lists of businesses and community organisations, with a very short text, as we’re very keen to support local shops, businesses and community groups in the village. We hope to maintain a regularly updated list of forthcoming events but this depends to some extent on those organising them letting us have details (see how under ‘Contribute’).

Although most posts are written by the authors, the occasional guest post from others may be considered, subject to editing.

4 responses to “About

  1. Why is this website anonymous? – suppose you’ve got something to hide!

    • Really silly comment coming from an ‘anonymous’ commenter. It is no more anonymous than menston.org; the name of the site is at the top of it. I wonder if you live in Menston (which the site is exclusively for/about). If do you, do you get out in the village or what stone do you live under? The posts are not necessarily written by a single person but pretty well anyone active in the village knows who the so-called ‘webmaster’ is.

  2. Good Morning
    I have fallen into the error of posting a comment in anger.
    Please will you edit my post regarding the letter received by Peter Finley removing the references to:- Clowns, Billy Smarts Circus, and packing your bags Coco.
    As I feel now these comments are a misuse of your excellent site

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