Minutes of Menston ‘Use it or Lose it’ Campaign

Date of Meeting: 5th April 2014

Meeting took place a The Pilates Studio in Menston and was set up by Christine North-Minchella.

Christine opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.

Introductions took place and discussions about how local business could be supported within the village.

Representatives from Menston Community Association said that it would be possible to work towards a lineage advert in the back of the MCA magazine.

It was also discussed that there will be a sealed notice board erected in the village where a map of all the local businesses would be placed. Consideration could be given to other places within the village for similar boards

It was decided that a dedicated paid for booklet of business in the village published on a regular basis would be a way forward. Business in the village could decide to buy into this if they wished

Leaflet distributors to be sought to deliver the booklet around the village.
It was felt unfair to ask the MCA distributors who are volunteers to distribute the business leaflet. MCA delivered 3 times a year.

A name and logo is needed . Everyone to put their thinking caps on!

Discussed the Burley Business set up and if we should join. It was felt that Menston businesses should stand alone as their own organisation however it would be good to affiliate with Burley long term.

Action points:

  • Logo and name
  • Cost of distribution of monthly leaflet to be sought
  • Roger Livesey to liaise with MCA regarding using the list of Menston business he has on his website. This to be put in the next MCA publication
  • Group to be kept informed about the map of local business
  • Group to liaise with other events in the village to ensure we can gain exposure for the group

Next meeting 30th April – Fox Pub 6.30 (later postponed until 14 May, same time and location)

One response to “Minutes of Menston ‘Use it or Lose it’ Campaign

  1. Hi
    I am the Communications Officer of Ilkley Business Forum which was set up in 2009 to help businesses in LS29. Les Cousins of Beacon Antiques has been involved from the start via BADCOT. We would like to make contact with firms in Menston. We are having a 5th Anniversary event in September but there are meeting in May (on 14th unfortunately) and June and July to which all firms in Menston would be welcome. Please ring me or email me.

    Steve Butler

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