Menston Community Association meeting 6 November 2013. Minutes.

Minutes of Menston Community Association meeting

6th November 2013

Present from committee: Steve Ellams, SE, Chris Hartley, CH, Glynn Martil, GM, Lilias McCulloch, LM, Cllr Dale Smith, DS

Apologies: Quentin Mackenzie, Allan Elsegood, Jackie Whiteley, Peter Ward,

Not present: John Houlihan

Members of Public: Graham Booth, John Naylor David, Peter Constable, Hazel Constable, Roger Livesey, Ben Slater, Philip Moore.


  1. Introduction from New Chair Dr Steve Ellams .
  2. I am very proud to represent the Menston Community, having moved here in 1987. I have lived at three different addresses in the village and even though I am not a native Yorkshireman I feel I have a good working knowledge of our community. Some of you may remember when I was a Parliamentary Candidate in the 1997 General Election. The past few years I have been heavily involved with planning matters and again some of you may remember the Village Green application just over a year ago. The game plan for the next four years has to be to engage more residents in village activities. It must be obvious to most there is a large dearth of folk in the age range 20-50 years old who do not regularly attend meetings and are not regularly involved in Village activities. It is easy to account for this when you consider the way we live work and play in the twenty first century but to maintain social cohesiveness I will try to do more particularly in regards to communications.

Thanks to Allan Elsegood for holding the chair and his superb organisational skills over the past 4 or 5 years.

  1. Apologies as noted
  2. Correspondence

Thanks from the Warden for paying the bill.

  1. Minutes from previous meeting.

Handed out as typed and covered various elements from the Forum and AGM and agreed. Discussed non-delivery of official Menston website and lack of movement on this front for the community. Cath Tully is liaising with Catriona in the delivery of the MPC/MCA website

  1. Report from Menston Parish Council on 24th October

None present from the meeting so no minutes discussed. General overview of issues discussed around general planning in Menston. Outstanding items to be passed to the next MCA meeting.

  1. Menston In bloom.

Received £100 donation from Menston Show committee

Planting more bulbs next year.

Not seen report or minutes so any outstanding items to be passed to the next MCA meeting.

  1. 1914-1918 Commemoration Project.

Community needs to be consulted on ideas to act as a catalyst. SE read out the details for the project which covered the needs of MPC/MCA and Churches. A website would be helpful. Grants needed to be applied for from Heritage Funding. Heritage projects will be welcomed on any topic relating to WWI.

Suggestion from CH to utilise the book from WW1 on the unknown soldier by Neil Hanson of Ilkley. CH is to approach NH for the potential of a talk.

  1. Regulatory & Appeals Committee meeting 10th October.

Meeting did not run to time but did go ahead with the result of a 4:3 decision and the planning was passed.

  1. Application decision on Derry Hill.

Sent on Thursday evening of the 24th October to residents in Menston via email. Signed off under section 106 with 6 weeks to mount a challenge. Now one month remains. It is understood that there is a Duty of Care issue regarding the proceedings thus far. Letter sent to BMDC and signed by MPC. Summary, plans for Derry Hill have been passed. It appears that there will be no further return to the Regulation and Appeals committee. There is a suggestion that the stream down Derry Hill will be embanked and contained. Disappointment all around.

DS was not aware of the grant being issued on 24th October. DS sent an email to Julian Jackson and referred to the conditions of SUDS and the needs for approval in writing. DS included the full condition. Sought approval by the council for the plans to deal with these conditions. DS discussed a strategy that might be reported after Prof JDR has taken further legal advice.

Question from JN re the concentration of water into the stream.

SE read out the press quoted statement from Chris Hopkins, Housing Minister.

  1. Letter from Parish Council.
  2. Summary Letter regarding the current planning situation in Menston.
  3. Menston Official website vs. unofficial website

Roger Livesey is the author of the unofficial Menston website. DS asked about the contribution from AE to the unofficial website. DS believes the approach may be damaging to Menston. DS understands and shares frustrations and went on to discuss planning reasons.

SE believed the official website is still not delivering on the needs for the village.

Roger has created a heading for MCA which will be authored by the MCA. Other parts of the site will remain independent.

PM made comments that we have no respect at the moment from the BMDC councillors.

JN made comment that the name calling has come from BMDC towards communities like Menston.

PM made comment about the persistent 4:3 voting being outside of the guidelines that have been given.

PM posed a question to DS about the interpretation of the rules relating to the behaviour of Council. DS gave reasoned understanding on a matter of interpretation but also that politics would be involved.

  1. A.O.B.
  1. Shipley NF communication, extension to youth opportunities fund. A project may be to get teenagers to teach the elderly how to use computers. A second project may involve the cricket club. Or sports youth project.

RL stated that the Funds can’t be applied to capital expenditure and procedural documentation needs to be followed on various policies. The time scale is short, so RL is to seek a further extension of the deadline.

  1. Car show to include vehicles to attract a younger audience such as sports cars and high performance hatchbacks. 5th May 2014.
  2. LM and LBA airport. LM has communicated with CAA. Still disturbed by overflying aircraft and has spoken with David Cherry and Mr Lightfoot at Leeds City Council. A meeting is proposed to take place. The Swathe has been abandoned. DS stated that it must have been a condition of planning.
  3. Burley in Wharfedale – PC are looking to set up a venue for entertainment relating to the tour de France.
  4. PM asked about a highways officer attending the NF. SE to write to Paula Truman or Simo Divali.
  5. CH asked about the possibility of getting a WWI enactment groups
  6. RL, developing mid generation working with youth to involve the ages form 15 to 50 in two groups. Ask them what they want.

Closing remarks

  1. Date of next meeting: 4th December at the Methodist Church Hall, 7.30pm.

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