Menston Parish Council – Agenda, meeting 26 September

Room 17, Kirklands, 7.00pm

All residents of Menston are entitled to attend Parish Council meetings


  1. Introduction from the Chairman
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Disclosures of interest
  4. Requests for dispensation
  5. Public consultation and question time
  6. Report from the local police team
  7. Minutes of previous meeting and progress report
  8. Menston Community Association
  9. Menston in Bloom
  10. Finance
  11. Christmas lights proposal
  12. Neighbourhood Forum; update
  13. Village website; update
  14. Off-track aircraft; consider concern
  15. Parish Council meeting dates for 2014
  16. Chairman’s remarks and correspondence
  17. Items to be held in closed session
  18. Date of next meeting (24th October)

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