Menston village news, views and information

It is very simple to contact the authors of this site or to contribute something for the Events listings or static information such as organisation details: just send an email with your contribution to:

You can attach photographs if you wish; in fact you are encouraged to do so.

What sort of contributions are we looking for? Some examples are information about:

  • Groups, Clubs, Associations, etc, active in the village, their programmes, meetings, events and other news
  • Events anyone is organising in the village (we ‘go to town’ on the village show but something small like a coffee morning will be of equal interest)
  • Events organised by Village organisations outside the village
  • Anything like a pub quiz, a scarecrow trail, an organised walk

If you’re not sure, send it anyway. If it’s about Menston (see ‘About’), its residents or something happening in Menston it will most likely be of interest.

The site will be updated as regularly as possible, ie , the aim is that Events listings (including ‘Imminent events’ and ‘static’ pages) will also be updated as frequently as possible (not less than once a fortnight, so they won’t be ‘static’ at all!).

It would be extremely helpful, and ensure items are more likely to appear in good time, if the format in the Events listing is followed. Important: include a likely finishing time as this is necessary for the ‘Imminent events’ listing which is generated from the next ten events in Events listing.

Comments are welcome on this or any post or page. They can be anonymous and are not edited unless obscene, illegal or personally abusive.

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