Ensuring Menston events are listed and giving your news a good chance of being reported on the blog on this site

Menston news and information about forthcoming events in the village (or elsewhere if organised by a Menston organisation) is welcomed. Genuine news from village businesses, eg a new service or new business, is welcomed but advertising is not accepted. However, health problems of the editor of this site mean that entry under the Events menu and in the Imminent events listing (which lists the next 10 events picked up from Events), or inclusion in a blog post, will usually depend on receiving this information sufficiently in time in the requested form by email (see below).

These same health problems mean that a decision will be made over the next two or three months (as at Nov 2016) whether to continue publishing the site, this depending on the following:

  • The number of emails received (to menston.village.wharfedale@gmail.com) containing village news or information about forthcoming events (this should include as a minimum: date, start time and estimated finish time, location, who or which organisation/group is organising, costs if any and, vital, contact for more info, tickets, etc). If more brief details of the event are included it may be included in a blog post . For events, the info must be emailed at least two weeks before the event but to be sure it appears in time to be useful much more in advance than that. For post event or other news it should be received immediately following the event, ie it should be ‘news’; an appropriate picture is always welcome.
  • The number of followers who register (or who are already registered) with the site (no email address will ever be made public unless the subscriber wishes it). WordPress users can follow (and like or comment) using their user name.
  • The number of ‘likes‘ given to posts on the site
  • The number of ‘comments‘ made on posts on the site (they can be anonymous, are not edited, other than for style, or censored, unless obscene, illegal, potentially libellous or a personal ‘attack’ on someone).
  • The number of visits to the site and to particular posts (before the health problems and resulting irregular posting the site averaged about 5,000 visits a month and over its lifetime so far has had about 35,000 visitors from all over the globe).