Handicrafts (Adults) 2015

class trophy:

Menston Show Handicrafts Cup: lauren smith, carol baldon, gwen smith

best in class: Andrew Whelan


61.  Knitted article … 1st prize: Lauren Smith   2nd prize: Lauren Smith   Highly commended: Sue Lee

62.  Any crochet work … 1st prize: Carol Baldon   2nd prize: Carol Baldon

63.  Patchwork quilting … not awarded

64.  Needlework … 1st prize: Grace Cummins   2nd prize: Catherine Burton   Highly commended: Ann Lomas

65.  Hand-made in wood … 1st prize: Elizabeth Loy

66.  Yorkshire landscape painting (max A4) … 1st prize: Niall Bourne   2nd prize: Ann Carr

67.  Any item of jewellery … 1st prize: Gwen Smith  2nd prize: Gwen Smith

68.  Any items not catered for in classes 61 to 67 … 1st prize: Andrew Whelan   2nd prize: Cynthia Greenwood   Highly commended: Eileen Taylor

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