Home produce (Adults) 2015

class trophy:

Norman Hunt Cup (Home produce): peter constable

best in class: Sue Lee


46.  Your favourite cake (men only) … 1st prize: Peter Constable   2nd prize: Bryan Kitching

47.  Your favourite cake (women only) … 1st prize: Chrissy Donnelly 2nd prize: Aine Donnelly   High commended: Hazel Constable, Rosemary Mackenzie

48.  Apple pie (8in min, 10in max) … 1st prize: Janet Kitching

49.  Five decorated cup cakes … not awarded

50.  Victoria sandwich … 1st prize: Sue Lee   2nd prize: Sarah Price   High commended: Vivien Chalmers

51.  Four scones … Highly commended: Sue Lee

52.  A plate of biscuits … Highly commended: Peter Constable

53.  A loaf of bread (machine allowed) … 1st prize: Peter Constable   2nd prize: Neil Hooton  Highly commended: Simon Davy

54.  One jar of jam or jelly (sealed with screw top or cellophane) … 1st prize: Elizabeth Forder   2nd prize: Sue Richmond

55.  One jar of chutney/pickle (sealed with screw top or cellophane) … 1st prize: Hazel Constable   2nd prize: Peter Constable

56.  Half a dozen free range eggs … 1st prize: Cynthia Granwood   2nd prize: Sue Richmond  Highly commended: Elizabeth Forder, Geoff Lomas, Sue Richmond

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