Letter to Press from Chris Greaves, Councillor Wharfedale Ward, BMDC

Dear Sir

I have, after much thought, decided that now is the right time for me to retire, so I will not be seeking re-election when my term of office comes to an end this May.

It is no secret that I have become increasingly disillusioned with the present Government’s attitude to planning, which appears to be a policy of laissez faire, allowing developers to stick up bland, indeed verging on ugly, “playschool” houses wherever they want, with particular emphasis on green fields and flood risk areas. Even more worrying is the mix of tacit and explicit approval of these policies by the Conservative leadership in Bradford.

I was therefore delighted to read that Steve Ellams has decided to stand as an Independent in the Wharfedale ward.  I have known Steve for some twenty years, and his work to try to save Menston’s green fields has been tireless.  It is vital that Wharfedale has a voice to oppose all the future inappropriate developments that threaten both Burley and Menston, the last thing we need in the valley is an apologist for Pickles or a backer for Boles.

Finally, I should like to thank the people of Menston and Burley for their support over the last sixteen years, and wish them all a happy, healthy and not over developed future.

Yours sincerely
Chris Greaves
Councillor, Wharfedale Ward
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
City Hall

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