Menston Business Association


The Menston Business Association logo

The Menston Business Association logo

The Menston Business Association is a group formed of businesses  (32 as at 10 April 2016) based in the village of Menston. Its aims include mutual support and promoting support of local businesses to the residents of the village. The name ‘Menston Business Association‘, a logo, and the promotional strap line ‘The best village in Yorkshire‘ were adopted by the group at a meeting on 14 May 2014. A membership fee of just £1/week was agreed, payable for a year in advance.

Click for a list of members with telephone numbers.

The logo is based on the traditional signpost seen when entering the village from the A65.

At the 14 May meeting an ad hoc committee was formed of representatives of local businesses who volunteered. Secretary and Treasurer were appointed in June:


  • Christine North-Minchella, Pilates Studio. Chair Person
  • Zandra Monre-Cochran – The Railway Children. Secretary
  • Audra Andrews – Solo Catering. Treasurer
  • Andy Greer,  Ribston Pippin Estate Agents
  • Justin Leeming, Artist, Designer Photographer
  • Nick Cahill, Plumbing and Gas Engineer
  • Marc Hill, Menston Co-op
  • Gareth Andrews, Solo Catering


Click the link(s) below to go to the relevant page(s):

Minutes of the first meeting of the group, 5 April 2014

Minutes of the meeting of Menston Business Association, 14 May 2014 (draft)

Minutes of the meeting of Menston Business Association, 6 June 2014

Minutes of the meeting of Menston Business Association, 21 November 2014

2 responses to “Menston Business Association

  1. How do I get a mention in the news letter?
    Sotheby swim school

    • Hi Eddie. Thanks for the question. Do you mean the Menston News, the newsletter of the Menston Community Association? If so, contact (Dave and Alison) who put it together. If you mean this website, if you are a Menston-based business just send address and phone details, plus a few words describing exactly what the business does, and it will go into the business listings (we only list Menston-based businesses as this website is exclusively about Menston). If there’s anything new or special then it may be included in a post (eg see the Tickled Teapot teashop in a recent post); just send details to

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