Menston Business Association minutes


Present: Gareth, Roger, Nick, Marc, Andy, Justin, Christine

Apologies: Zandra, Kim/Tiff

1. Discussed who in the group could be Secretary and Treasurer. It was agreed that Audra would be the treasurer and we would ask Zandra if she would take on the role of Secretary

2. Christine to ask Audra to set up a bank account. Two signatures agreed Audra and Andy. Audra has connections with the Bank and will find out more about the accounts. Andy said he would look into Santander

3. Justin showed the new flyer to promote the businesses that Peter had printed. Justin to speak to Tom about printing the same quality for the price that Peter quoted, £275.

4. Justin keen to get the flyer out and about and suggested the group took on the financial responsibility of going ahead (£40 per committee member). This was until we set up the bank account and had the money in the account to pay for the printing and distribution.

5. Roger offered to write the copy for the flyer to include:

a. Less than £1 per week

b. Can you afford not to be in the MBA

c. Presence at events in the village

d. Strength in numbers

e. Sticker in shop windows

f. Each person has their say

g. Quarterly meeting of the committee to support the members

6. It was agreed that we would get the new flyer up and out in the village for September.

7. Roger attended the Forum in the village and did not get the chance to speak about the MBA because of heated discussion on other village issues including the flooding. Approximately 60 people in attendance. Despite being told we would be on the Agenda our name was missing. Christine has subsequently spoken to the Council and they have promised we will be on the Agenda next time, which will be in October.

8. High Royds opening of the drive into the village. Simon D’Vali has expressed an interest in looking into this.

9. Roger has set up a MBA email ( Roger to let the team have the password so we can all access it.

10. Andy offered for our MBA registered address to be at his place of work – 1 South View, Menston, LS29 6JZ

11. Discussion took place about people who may want to be associate members of the group for a reduced fee. It was decided that this would not be the case and anyone who wanted to be part of the association should pay the full fee of £50 per year.

12. Menston Show is on the 6th September. Long discussion took place about the activities we could offer including having a marquee and treasure hunt. Each business would have the opportunity to attend and promote themselves. Roger to find out more information and feedback to the group.

Christine is away working on that date so someone else needs to take the lead on this. Any offers??

13. Discussed the post office moving to the Londis Store. Marc said he has written to Dale Smith enquiring as to why the co-op was not given the opportunity to bid to have the post office.

14. Christine to circulate to all the interested parties that the MBA fee will be £50 and ask if they are happy to pay this.

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