Menston Community Association AGM and Neighbourhood Forum

Menston Community Association: Annual General Meeting 8th October 2013 – minutes

1. Menston Community Association Annual General Meeting

Alan Elsegood welcomed everyone to the Menston Community Association AGM and explained that the evening’s meeting has been an experimental format designed to integrate both Bradford Council and Menston village issues.

He also asked local residents to bear a thought in mind for Eric Caton who died in July and was a great supporter of Menston Community Association and Neighbourhood Forums.

Alan Elsegood explained that he has decided to step down as Chairman of the Community Association. His comments about the need to continue the four year battle are included in the latest edition of the newsletter.

2. Acceptance of the Community Association Accounts and the Report to Trustees

The Community Association accounts were presented to the meeting for approval. The Community Association is solvent and has funds in excess of £2,000. Keith Bonney was thanked for his excellent work in drawing up the accounts. It was proposed to re-appoint Keith Bonney as auditor for 2013-14. This was agreed unanimously.

3. Appointment of chairman and committee members for 2013-14

Steve Ellams was the only nominee for the position of Chairman and was elected by a unanimous show of hands – there were no abstentions or votes in opposition to the motion.

The following positions were all vacant, but each had one nomination and these were approved unanimously:

Secretary: Beth Dodson

Treasurer: Glyn Martill

Other members of the Committee had agreed to stand again and were voted into office: Graham Booth, Chris Hartley, John Houlihan, Quentin Mackenzie, David Manson, Lilias McCulloch, Dale Smith and Peter Ward.

Steve Ellams took the chair and nominated Alan Elsegood for the post of Vice Chairman, this was approved unanimously. Alan Elsegood was also presented with a small token of thanks for his untiring work as Chairman of the Community Association.

4. Development threat

David Rhodes gave an update about the development issues for Bingley Road and Derry Hill.

The Regulatory and Appeals Committee meeting on 4th April 2013 included a condition (Condition 10) which insisted that the development company for each site must make provision for the significant drainage problems. Planning approval can only be agreed once the Section 106 agreements have been signed. The proposed Developer for Derry Hill has not yet signed the Section 106 agreement, although the Developer for Bingley Road (Taylor Wimpey) has signed the Section 106 agreement and so planning permission has been granted.

Taylor Wimpey have now applied to Bradford Council to remove Condition 10. Despite a number of meetings between Menston residents and Bradford Council to explain the consequence of changing this agreed condition, the amended proposal is being tabled at a meeting of the Regulatory and Appeals Committee on 10th October.

Chris Schofield from Schofield Sweeney gave an update about the legal position of the revised application and commented on the lack of public consultation and bias shown in favour of the developer.

Chris Schofield was thanked for working free of charge on this issue.

Steve Ellams thanked Professor Rhodes for his update and urged Menston residents to attend the Regulatory and Appeals Committee meeting on 10th October.

5. Aircraft and noise

Alan Elsegood gave an update about recent problems and concerns caused by off-track aircraft and noise levels.

Currently there are 3 million passengers using Leeds Bradford Airport every year, this is forecast to increase to 8 million passengers by 2020 and 10 million by 2025. The predicted increase in passenger numbers will lead to more aircraft departing and returning and an increase in the current problems, although there was a suggestion that the flight paths for departing aircraft could change in the future.

The concerns of Menston residents about existing off-track flights and associated noise problems were raised at a special meeting at Leeds Bradford Airport in July. David Smillie the Airport Manager was reluctant to accept the data provided by the Menston residents and so Alan Elsegood has requested that this is a special agenda item at the next meeting of the Airport Consultative Committee.

Alan Elsegood asked the audience to indicate whether they were adversely affected by off-track aircraft noise. There was a significant show of hands. Members of the audience were advised to continue complaining directly to the Airport authorities – using the website or telephone.

6. Proposal for a Menston Car/Vehicle Show (every 2 years)

Steve Ellams gave an update about the proposal to stage a Car/Vehicle Show every two years, following the success of the Diamond Jubilee Motor Vehicle Show in 2012. It has been suggested that the 2014 Motor Vehicle Show should take place on 2nd May and there was a significant show of hands in support of the proposal. It has been suggested that a complementary range of activities could also take place on this date – Nigel Cawthorne has agreed to repeat his Menston Jubilee Walk.

7. Other Menston issues and concerns

  • Save the Greenbelt petition – Steve Ellams encouraged everyone to sign the petition

  • Menston Parish Council Service of Remembrance – Councillor Peter Finlay explained that the Menston churches will be holding their individual Services of Remembrance on Sunday 10th November. Menston Parish Council is organising the annual Armistice Day Service on Monday 11th November starting at 10.45am outside Kirklands. The Reverend Tim Perkins has agreed to lead the service and everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Wall of Hope – Councillor Dale Smith encouraged Menston villagers to sign postcards for a Wall of Hope – to show the District’s opposition to the English Defence League’s proposed march in Bradford City Centre on 12th October.

Steve Ellams thanked everyone for voting him in as Chairman and for attending the meeting. He invited everyone to attend the monthly Community Association meetings and asked anyone with younger neighbours to invite them to the next Neighbourhood Forum meeting. He explained that his priority for the next year will be to expand the age range at meetings and to complete the village website.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 8.50pm

Menston Neighbourhood Forum

Minutes of a meeting held on Wednesday 8th October 2013 at 7.00pm

Present: Steve Ellams, Alan Elsegood, Peter Finlay, Cllr Dale Smith, Quentin Mackenzie, David Rhodes, Lilias McCulloch, Philip Moore, PC Tim Brown, Paula Truman (Shipley Area Office) Chris Schofield (Schofield Sweeney Solicitors) and approximately 70 members of the public

Apologies: Cllr Dale Smith (for a late arrival at the meeting), Cllr Chris Greaves, Sue Rix, Inspector Sue Sanderson

  1. Welcome and Introduction

Paula Truman welcomed everyone to the Menston Neighbourhood Forum meeting and introduced Cllr Jackie Whiteley. She explained that the Shipley Area Committee items would take place at the start the meeting before handing over to the Menston Community Association for the AGM.

2. Incommunities – new lettings policy and allocations system for one bedroom properties

Bev Lockwood, the Menston and Burley Housing Officer from Incommunities gave a presentation about recent changes to their lettings policy and the allocation system for one bedroom properties.

The lettings policy has changed recently – the new computer allocation system tries to match empty properties with local people. This means that local residents who would like to rent properties in Menston from Incommunities must re-register their interest to be considered. A leaflet is available from Incommunities.

The allocation system for one bedroom properties has also changed. Properties in Menston, Burley and Addingham formerly allocated only to people aged 55+ are now available to people aged 18+ which expands the range of properties available.

Paula Truman thanked Bev Lockwood for her presentation.

3. Crime issues and home safety

PC Tim Brown and PCSO Darrin Thompson gave an update on local crime and safety issues. Only four crimes had been reported in Menston in September. There was one burglary of a garage and commercial tools, fishing and golf equipment were stolen. There was one incident of theft from a motor vehicle (wing mirror), one incident of criminal damage and one incident of violence.

PC Brown commented that there has been an increase in the number of burglaries of sheds and garages recently in the Wharfe Valley. The thieves have been targeting high value bicycles, golf equipment, and tools.

PC Brown reminded everyone of the need for extra vigilance once the clocks change – this should include ensuring that both front and back doors are locked at all times and the keys are removed. He also recommended that house alarms are used when the premises are empty and that timer switches for lights and televisions/radios are used. PCSO Thompson is available to provide advice about house security.

PC Brown answered a number of questions:

Q. There are concerns about drug dealers coming to the village, as suspicious cars have been seen outside the Co-op, near Menston Park and on the slip road to High Royds.

A. Local residents are advised to note the car number plates and report them to the police who can then carry out a stop and search when they see the cars.

Q. Could the police provide an update about scrap metal dealers?

A. The police still stop and search transit vans and check their insurance. The Council now issue Waste Carrier Licences for Scrap Metal and so the police are also able to check these.

Paula Truman thanked PC Brown and PCSO Thompson for their presentation.

4. Lizzie Hughes, Manager at Burley and Menston Children’s Centre

Lizzie Hughes has recently taken over as Manager at the Burley and Menston Children’s Centre. This is one of 41 children’s centres in Bradford District with the aim of improving outcomes for children aged 0-4. The centre also provides support and childcare provision, is located to the rear of Menston Library and is open part-time. Ten staff split their time between the Baildon Children’s Centre and the one at Menston.

The Centre has recently launched a new autumn timetable. This includes baby massage, baby and toddler groups, twins and multiple births sessions, and some new Saturday morning sessions aimed at dads and working families.

The Centre also provides help and advice to vulnerable families or those who need extra support – this includes benefits advice, parenting techniques and providing information about health-related issues.

All Menston and Burley residents are welcome to come and tour the Centre. Contact details for Lizzie are printed on the Centre’s leaflet.

Lizzie Hughes answered a number of questions:

Q. Do you work with Menston Pre-School?

A. Yes, Menston Pre-School use the Children’s Centre outside play area, the Children’s Centre have funded enrichment activities for Pre-School (this includes music and drumming this term) and Heather Norrys from Pre-School is chair of the Children’s Centre Advisory Group.

Q. How many children use the Centre and how is this split between Menston and Burley?

A. 592 children aged 0-4 use the centre and there are more children from Burley than Menston – this reflects the larger number of children living in Burley. 77.4% of children who have used the centre are registered with them and this includes a high proportion of 0-2 year olds which reflects the recent opening of the Centre. There is a 90% take-up in childcare places for 3-4 year olds in Burley and Menston and so the Centre works with local service providers – particularly childminders and nurseries.

Paula Truman thanked Lizzie Hughes for her presentation.

5. Open Forum

Paula Truman informed the meeting that she had recently accompanied a representative from Bradford Highways on a site visit to Menston to review the number of overhanging trees and hedges and problems with the highways. She advised Menston residents to report any problems with these issues. She then answered a number of questions:

Q. A number of concerns were raised about the recently introduced licence for Ilkley Waste Centre.

A. A lot of complaints have been received from local residents and Cllr Whiteley has raised concerns with Bradford Council and their advice is to continue to use Ellar Ghyll – although they do not accept transit vans, or vehicles with towing brackets. Cllr Whiteley asked residents who had received any correspondence advising them that they cannot use Ellar Ghyll to forward this to her.

Q. Is there any progress with the proposed Brown Bin scheme for garden waste?

A. Brown Garden Waste bins are currently being trialled in other parts of the District. In the meantime, anyone who needs additional green garden waste bags can request them from Paula or the recycle lorries.

Q. A number of hedges and trees were reported as being overgrown: these included an overgrown hedge on Park Road, problem tree roots which may reach into the culvert used to drain Derry Hill at the junction of Moorfield Road and Walker Road. A dead tree at Croft House needs to be removed, and trees at the junction of Main Street and Croft Rise need pruning.

A. Paula noted these problem areas and asked residents to contact the Shipley Area Office with any other concerns.

Q. Is it possible to check whether there is a condition on the land at Ellar Ghyll which allows Menston residents to use it?

A. Paula agreed to check on this issue.

Q. Could Bradford Council ask mobile phone companies to improve their signal strength in Menston?

A. Members of the audience recommended using T-Mobile and Vodafone as their reception is better in Menston.

Q. Could a representative from Bradford Council’s Highways Department be invited to the next meeting?
A. Yes, the Shipley Area Office will issue an invitation. Councillor Gordon Metcalfe from Menston Parish Council explained that Simon D’Vali has been invited to the next Parish Council meeting on 24
th October.

Q. Who is responsible for the repair and maintenance of fire hydrant signs – as the one at the junction of Cleasby Road and Bingley Road is in need of attention.

A. This will be reported to the Fire Service.

Paula Truman thanked everyone for their attendance and handed over to Alan Elsegood.

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