Menston Community Association meeting 6th November – Agenda

The first meeting of the Menston Community Association MCA) under the Chairmanship of Steve Ellams, elected to the post at the recent AGM, will be at 7.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall, Main Street, Menston, on Wednesday 6th November.

Update, 1 November: Click this paragraph to see the official agenda released by the MCA.

The agenda will be published as soon as it is available but among the important points for discussion are:

  • The covert way Bradford Council announced the planning on Derry Hill and a statement on the letters which will have gone off in protest from the Parish Council/Ward Councillors.
  • A further letter of protest to the Government Ombudsman will be debated.  Alan Elsegood has been active in this but we as an organisation have not followed up with all the wrong doings this current year. The political bias will be introduced.
  • Village websites – ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’
  • Report that the ‘expert  Drainage report’ is now up on the web – on the ‘unofficial’ site (ie this one)
  • The 2014 Menston village car show
  • Other community matters to be tackled by the association in the coming year

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