Flowers (Adults)

Fred Ashton Trophy (flowers): Bryan Butler

Rose Wood Trophy (best single rose: Carol o’brien

Wharfedale Fuschia Society Trophy: Geoff Lomas


17.  Floribunda, one stem … 1st Prize: David Brown

18.  A vase of roses … 1st Prize: not awarded

19.  One rose, with foliage … 1st Prize: Carol O’Brien  2nd prize: David Brown

20. A sunflower … 1st Prize: not awarded

21.  A vase of sweet peas … 1st Prize: R McKenzie  2nd prize: Elizabeth Forder

22.  A vase of pansies/violas … 1st Prize: not awarded

23.  A vase of mixed flowers, minimum five varieties … 1st Prize: Elizabeth Forder  2nd prize: R McKenzie

24.  A collection of herbs … 1st Prize: Pab Baker

25.  A bowl of floating flower heads, wild or garden, clear water no foliage … 1st Prize: Janet Kitchen  2nd prize: Elizabeth Forder

26.  Five mixed dahlias … 1st Prize: D Ascough  2nd prize: Y Huntington

27.  One specimen dahlia … 1st Prize: D Ascough  2nd prize: Y Huntington

28.  A vase of asters/michaelmas daisies … 1st Prize: not awarded

29.  One pot plant, flowering … 1st Prize: Bryan Butler  2nd prize: Bryan Butler

30.  One pot plant, foliage … 1st Prize: Heather Cott

31.  A geranium/pelargonium, in pot … 1st Prize: Brian Butler

32.  Fuschia … 1st Prize: G Lomas  2nd prize: Bryan Butler

33. Specimen cactus or succulent … 1st Prize: G Lomas  2nd prize: Elizabeth Forder

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