MBA ‘Where in Menston?’ and ‘Menston History’ quizzes: Answers

Answers to quizzes in the Menston Business Association ‘Young people’s activity zone’ at the Menston Show (answers to the ‘Identify the leaves’ will be added, with photos of the leaves displayed, soon).

Where in menston?

Twelve photographs of places in Menston, lettered A to F; choice of four numbered map pins on a map of Menston (there were 24 pins in different locations in all). Click on a picture to see it much larger.
Where in Menston quiz photograph display board

Where in Menston do these photographs show?

Where in Menston quiz map with the 12 locations shown

Where in Menston quiz map with the 12 locations shown






A – pin 21:   At the junction of Main Street and Bleach Mill Lane

B – pin 6:   Above the front door of the Methodist Church

C – pin 1:   At each end of the first row of houses on Main Street from Londis

D – pin 7: The ‘pond’ on the bend towards the western end of Bleach Mill Lane

E – pin 3: The remembrance plaque outside of Kirklands

F – pin 20: Cleasby Road

G – pin 4:   On a seat in the Bleach Mill House garden

H – pin 10:   The Red House at the top of Cleasby Road (seen from Hawksworth Drive)

I – pin 17: The entrance to Fairfax

J – pin 19: On the front of the old building of Menston Primary School

K – pin 18: On the old gate posts at the corner of Park Road and Main Street

L –  pin 15: On the roof of Parmley Graham, corner of Burley Lane and Main Street

Tie-breaker questions:

The notice is the the door of Bleach Mill House

The date in Roman numerals on the Primary School old building is 1893 

M: 1000, D: 500, XXX: 300, XC: 100-10=90, IV: 5-1=4

Menston history quiz

Twelve questions, lettered A to F, with four possible answers numbered 1 to 4, one of which is correct.

A:   What is the 5th century Anglo-Saxon kingdom name you’ll find in Menston?

2. Elmete (Elmete Grange)

B:   What does the name of the Anglo-Saxon community ‘Mensigna Lond’ mean?

3:  The land of Mensa’s people (the first person thought to have settled with his family in what we now know as ‘Menston’ had the name (or nick-name) ‘Mensa’ 

C. Where is Mensa thought to be buried?

1:   On Hawksworth Moor

D:   In 1030AD how many ‘ploughlands’ made up the community of ‘Mensingtune’?

3.   Three (a ‘ploughland’ was an area sufficient to support one family)

E:   At what date is the first written record of Menston (as ‘Mensingtun’)?

1:   972 AD

F:   What was the value of Menston in the Domesday book?

3:   £3

G:   What did Walter of Baildon pay Walter of Hawksworth for 2 acres of land in Menston ?

3:   A rose

B:  When was the famous Menstonian Charles Fairfax born in Denton?

1:   1597

C:   When was the first school established in Menston?

2:   1622

D:   When was the Menston Parish church of St John first consecrated?

1:   1871

E:   What was the former name of Derry Hill, renamed when Irishmen settled there to work in the linen trade?

2:   Gooseland Lane

F:   What was Kirklands formerly called?     

3:   Fourness House

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