Menston village – two young would-be journalists wanted

This blog/website about Menston village is looking for two aspiring journalists, a girl and a boy, between 12 and 16-17 years old.

It’s a voluntary job but if you are seriously thinking of a career in journalism in the future then it could be of tremendous benefit in both getting on to a journalism or other media degree course or getting a job in the media.

The voluntary job for this village website – – would be to keep abreast of the news in Menston which is of interest to young people in Menston, including their activities and achievements, then write it up for the website. You would be working with a very experienced journalist and former teacher of English, who has written for some of the major national newspapers and the BBC, written speeches for top executives and Government Ministers, and in recent years has been writing a lot for the web – websites, blogs, e-bulletins, etc.

In the future you may be asked to take on helping to manage a Facebook page linked to the site.

Attributes you need:

  • Ability to write pretty good English, of course
  • Reliable and able to work to deadlines, ie if something is due at 5pm Tuesday it must be there no later than 5pm Tuesday, no excuses
  • Careful to check facts precisely, including people’s names, times, venues, dates, etc
  • Careful to check texts so that they are submitted with no mistakes
  • If quoting what someone has said, to be sure it is exactly what they said, to you not hearsay, with no embellishments

This is ‘old fashioned’ journalism which, unfortunately, is not adhered to by all journalists today, but it will be an excellent start for you.

If you are interested in doing the job, make sure you have looked at the website carefully then email a brief note about yourself to:

It will be acknowledged as soon as possible. If it is thought you might be right for the position you will be asked to interview a nominated person and write up the interview in a narrative (no ‘question and answer’ type interviews) of about 400 words. You will also be asked to find a ‘Menston youth’ news story and write a short report (about 200 words) on it.

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