Menston WW1 commemorations

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 8th July 2014 at High Royds Chapel.

Apologies: Peter Finlay, Jayne Finlay, David Machin, Sue Rix, Joyce Simpson,and Rev. Ruth Yeoman.

10 in attendance.

Minutes of Meeting 8th June 2014 agreed.

Matters arising:

Leaflets advertising ‘Follow the fleece’ production of ‘1914-Over by Christmas’ were distributed at the meeting.

The Rev. Ruth Yeoman is in agreement that Wilfred Jennings’ War medal should be displayed in the Church. Final details to be confirmed.

Judith Knaggs was pleased to report that members of the Butterfield family had been traced and that exciting news about the mahogany box belonging to Reginald Butterfield was hoped for in early Autumn.

A date for the suggested World War 1 Battlefields tour to Flanders and France was discussed and proposed as commencing on Sunday 13th September 2015.

Dale Smith suggested we e-mail all interested parties and put details of the trip in the library and on the notice boards to see what the response will be. Ken Hartshorne at Dalesman Coaches would need to know the date and approximate numbers within six weeks. Judith was checking with Ken about further details.

Quentin MacKenzie has compiled an excellent WW! walk around Menston. Judith and David agreed to walk the route and report back to Quentin. It was anticipated that a leaflet would be printed detailing the walk with relevant photos.

Questionnaire/Quiz – to be followed up.

David Machin was unable to attend the meeting but he is in the process of researching the addresses etc.of the 363 men and 18 nurses from Menston, who served in WW!.

War Memorial floodlighting – in hand by Peter and Robert Finlay.

Paul Wooding kindly attended the meeting to give those present an idea of the films he is going to show i.e. Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel etc. It was suggested the Film Show evening is held sometime during March 2015. Paul also agreed to give an insight as to how the films were produced at that time (1915). He has a small amount of Newsreel footage which could also be shown.

Care Club – Awaiting feedback from Heather Searle.

Chris Hartley stated he knew of someone who might organise a football match to commemorate the Christmas truce of 1914. David Knaggs suggested: Open age football, Junior/Schools and the Army Cadets v Air Cadets. To be discussed in further detail after checking with Audra and Gareth.

Window Displays and Menston Business Association (MBA) – to be followed up.

Memorabilia and Artefacts.- a certain amount of memorabilia has been collected which could be used for display in either shops or the library. Judith had purchased a package which was passed round and produced much interest. Also shown was a cook book from that time.

Awaiting feedback from Menston Thespians regarding the possibility of them producing a Play based on the War.

A talk to be given by Neil Hanson entitled ‘The Unknown Soldier’ is proposed for Friday 19th September 2014 (Venue to be confirmed).

Heritage Fund bid: Catriona Hanson is in contact and is evaluating the proposals for the Heritage Fund Lottery but stated that because we had numerous varied events envisaged for the next four years the outcome seemed as if it may be favourable.

Peter Finlay is to organise the lowering of the flag to half-mast at Kirklands and a wooden cross be placed on the War Memorial on the date of death of each of the fifty men, beginning on the 12th September this year with Bertram Stairmand.

Lynne Melville kindly attended the meeting, bringing with her a Poppy stone which she produced at her craft classes. Lynne stated that if everyone liked the idea then a number of the stones could be produced to be incorporated either on the War Memorial, window display or as possible marker stones for the Menston walk. Lynne also suggested that various other artefacts could be made throughout the four years to commemorate the War.

Menston Library Exhibition – awaiting feedback, Sue Rix in contact.

High Royds plaque. The new High Royds plaque is to be dedicated at a special service at the High Royds Chapel on Sunday 14th September at 4pm.

The main focus in August at St John’s will be on 4 August. When there will be a Vigil Service on the Centenary of the Outbreak of the First World War at 7.30pm and church will be open for prayer during the day on 4 August.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 19th August, High Royds Chapel 7-30pm

proposed Calendar of Events

World War I commenced on 4th August 1914 and ended 11th November 1918.


The main focus in August at St John’s will be on 4 August. When there will be a Vigil Service on the Centenary of the Outbreak of the First World War at 7.30pm and church will be open for prayer during the day on 4 August.

Tuesday August 5th.??? – Shop Windows to be dressed.

Saturday August 23rd – reflect upon the Battle of Mons

Saturday September 6th. – Menston Show – see Schedule for classes commemorating WW1.

Friday September 12th.- Menston WW1 Memorial – commemorate the death of B Stairmand

Sunday 14th. September – High Royds Memorial Chapel – plaque to be dedicated.

Friday 19th September – Talk by Neil Hanson ” entitled ‘The Unknown Soldier’ – venue to be confirmed.

Saturday October 11th. – Follow the Fleece, production of “Over by Christmas”

Sunday Oct 19th – reflect upon the First Battle of Ypres

Tba November – Exhibition of Memorabilia????

December 25th – reflect upon Xmas Truce/Football Game in No Mans Land Belgium

Tba December/January – possible Football commemoration by children

Tba January               –           Winter Wartime lunch.

Tba February             –           Poetry Readings

Tba March                  –           Film Show given by Paul Wooding

Wednesday April 22nd – reflect upon the Second Battle of Ypres

Saturday April 25th – reflect upon Gallipoli – the first landing

Tuesday September 1st. – Menston WW! Memorial – commemorate the death of JRT Benn

Monday September 14th. – Menston WW1 Memorial – commemorate the death of M Nangle

Friday Sept 25th  – reflect upon the beginning of the Battle of Loos

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