Minutes of the meeting of Menston Business Association 14 May 2014

The second meeting of local business people took place at The Fox Pub.

Also in attendance were Menston Community Association (Steve Ellams and Alan Elsegood), Menston Parish Council (Sue Rix) and Mr. Roger Charnley of BADCOT (Burley and District Chamber of Trade)

  1. Christine welcomed the new attendees to the group
  2. It was noted that not all businesses in the village were aware of the new association. Christine to ensure that the minutes of this meeting are emailed or distributed to all visible business in the village. She also requested that the other attendees ‘spread the word’ to other businesses they may be associated with. Roger Livesey (MenstonVillageWharfedale ‘Alternative’ Website) has also created a section on his website for the association to help local people find our businesses.
  3. The group agreed with the name of Menston Business Association with the strap line of ‘The Best Village in Yorkshire’. Christine Minchella (The Pilates & Fitness Studio) presented the logo which was based on the old black and white signpost as you come into Menston Village. A directory of business was also shown to the group which included the logo and a picture of the village.
  4. Costs for the distribution of the Business Directory were discussed:
    1. We have a local organisation who can deliver 1,000 flyers for £50
    2. Printing – Tom from Small Print offered to undertake all printing at cost
    3. Andy Greer from Ribston Pippin said there are about 3,000 residential properties in the village including High Royds
  5. Roger Charnley of BADCOT shared their experiences of setting up their organisation in Burley. It was decided by the group to follow this model initially which includes each business paying £50 per year to be a member of Menston Business Association. A list of benefits is to be produced. The group thought it would be valuable to have links with BADCOT in future and to learn from their experiences.
  6. A committee was set up to steer the group forward as follows:
    1. Christine North-Minchella (The Pilates & Fitness Studio) – Chairperson
    2. Andy Greer – Ribston Pippin
    3. Justin Leeming – (Artist, Designer Photographer)
    4. Zandra Monre-Cochrane (Cleasby Kinder Care)
    5. Marc Hill (Co-op)
    6. Gareth Andrews (Solo Catering)
    7. Nick Cahill (Plumbing and Gas Engineers)
    8. Roger Liveley (Menstonvillagewharfedale ‘Alternative’ website) ‘Ex-officio Publicity Officer’
  7. A meeting of the committee to be set up to put the wheels in motion for membership and publication of the Business Directory (Date TBC).
  8. The group discussed the importance of networking with organisations within the village as well as around us. Roger Charley of BADCOT introduced the Ilkley Business Forum.
  9. Christine has had a meeting with Philip Davies who has subsequently followed up the enquiry to remove the fence between High Royds and Menston Village which was felt to be a barrier to the High Royds residents using the village services. The fence was put up before traffic calming was in place and it was now felt within the group that the old road would not become a ‘rat run’ due to the traffic light systems in place. However it would mean that people could come directly from High Royds to use our shops and services without going through traffic lights. A positive response to this from Tony Clegg Deputy Planning Manager was received.
  10. It also came to light that the planned business units on High Royds were now going to be converted to housing and there would be no facilities for the residents.
  11. Alan Elsegood kindly pledged £50 from MCA to assist the group with its set up
  12. Sue Rix also mentioned the possibility of applying for some funding from the MPC
  13. Actions:

    1. Christine to set up a further meeting with the committee
    2. The group needs a Secretary to undertake administration
    3. Christine to liaise with MCA and MPC regarding funding
    4. Christine to ensure (with the help of others) that all businesses in the village are aware of the group and have the opportunity to join and share

2 responses to “Minutes of the meeting of Menston Business Association 14 May 2014

  1. I am not sure that opening the road into Highroyds would be a good thing for the village. Given Menston is soon to be over run by more housing this seems an unnecessary step to increase footfall at our local businesses. I suspect most people living in Highroyds use facilities at White X etc rather than navigate the traffic light system / road humps into the village. In my view that’s a good thing. Making it easier for them to use Menston facilities will obviously be good for them but what about the rest of us. If this is to be considered it should be in open forum with all villagers views taken into consideration rather than a small business lobby only.

  2. Hi there. I have read with interest the set up of the MBA. I am the Secretary of Menston Cricket Club and I am happy to get involved with assisting the promotion of local businesses. For example, there are advertising opportunities at the cricket club throughout the year and I would be happy to include a link to the MBA on our website. Please get in touch via menstoncc@btinternet.com – kind regards, Paul.

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