Neighbourhood Forum and Menston Community Association AGM

The Menston Neighbourhood Forum begins at 7.00pm in the Kirklands Community Centre on Tuesday 8 October, incorporating in the second half of the proceedings the Annual General Meeting of the Menston Community Association, including the election of officers.

All residents of Menston, who are automatically members of the association, are welcome at the meeting and the forum.

Neighbourhood Forum Agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. Meet the Neighbourhood Policing Team: Wharfedale Neighbourhood Policing Team will talk about their work and listen to your concerns and suggestions

  3. Menston and Burley Children’s Centre: An update from Lizzie Hughes, Centre Manager

  4. Incommunities: Bev Lockwood, Housing Officer for Menston and Burley, will provide information on the new lettings policy for social housing provider Incommunities

  5. Open Forum: An opportunity for anyone to say something about their neighbourhood

Menston Community Association and Parish Council Agenda

  1. Annual General Meeting of the Menston Community Association, including elections

  2. Development threat: Review of the current situation and ongoing activities of the proposed developments on Bingley Road and Derry Hill

  3. Aircraft and noise: Implications of planned expansion of the airport and increased concern during the summer.

  4. Proposal for a Menston Car/Vehicle Show (every two years)

  5. Other Menston issues and concerns

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