about Menston village

Photographs here will be of Menston village, its residents and their activities. We welcome photographs old and new but please tell us what they are, when they were taken (approximately if you cannot exactly) and, important, whether they were taken with a digital camera or on film.

Photographs should be .jpg or .jpeg files and should be attached to an email to:

The total size of files attached to any one email should be less than 10Mb. Individual files should be not less than 100Kb to ensure they can be published at an appropriate size.

Pictures will be divided into various categories (which will appear as sub-menu headings) and, if appropriate, captioned and may be assembled in ‘slide shows’. If we know the name, the photographer will be credited unless we are specifically asked not to give the name.

Publication of any photograph on this website is at the discretion of the authors.

©  By submitting a photograph you are declaring that you are the copyright holder for that photograph and give us permission to publish it, or have the permission of the copyright owner. For all photographs not credited (with or without name) the copyright holders are the authors of this blog/website. Everything on this website is the copyright of the authors but you are free to reblog, reproduce excerpts, etc, but please give the appropriate credit to this site.

Comments are welcome on this or any post or page. They can be anonymous and are not edited unless obscene, illegal or personally abusive.

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