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3 important Menston meetings and two ‘consultations’; Cleasby Road street party; Menston Show details and entry form

There’s a lot going on in Menston next week; three important meetings and another two consultations to follow. At least one Menston ‘mini-community’ has managed to turn the Jubilee street party into an annual event, and St Mary’s Menston is in the news again with an Assistant Head being appointed a trustee of a leading Vatican charity. Finally, full details of this year’s Menston Show have just become available (some classes are different, with more than one nod to the ‘Grand Depart’). Click any of the links below to go directly to the story, or just scroll down to read them all.

STOP PRESS: House of Commons Adjournment Debate.  Philip Davies MP. Planning Issues in the Shipley Constituency. 9.30am onwards Thursday 5 June. Philip has 15 minutes to state our case! (added 2 June).

Dangerous junction: Main Street/Bingley Road

Idiots’ junction: the majority of traffic coming down Bingley Road does not slow down. Neighbourhood Forum/MCA meeting

Menston Neighbourhood Forum

The next Menston Neighbourhood Forum, which as usual is combined with the monthly meeting of the Menston Community Association, is at the Kirklands Community Centre on Tuesday 3 June evening (click the following link for an outline AGENDA). Important for many residents is that the Bradford Council Traffic Officer Simon D’Vali is due to be present to discuss traffic issues. Among these is likely to be the situation at the mini-roundabout where Main Street joins the Bingley Road, at which drivers coming down Bingley Road fail to slow down, let alone stop, crossing the junction as though no mini-roundabout exists. The newly-formed Menston Business Association (see below) is campaigning to have the road down from High Royds opened to traffic to better integrate the new complex with the village.

Menston WW1 commemoration events

Poppy1The second meeting to discuss possible activities in Menston to commemorate the First World War over the four year period from August this year until November 2018 will be at the High Royds Memorial Chapel on Wednesday 4 June evening. Notes on the first meeting in April, at which there were many suggestions for activities, ranging from trips to the battlefields to research by Menston schoolchildren into relatives involved in the war, have been circulated to those attending the first meeting and can be found HERE. The Agenda for the 4 June meeting can be found HERE. Of course all residents with an interest in the commemoration events are invited to attend the Wednesday evening meeting.

Menston Business Association meeting

Menston Business Association logo_gnThe newly-formed Menston Business Association will take the opportunity of the Neighbourhood Forum to introduce itself more widely to Menston residents before its next meeting on Friday 6 June (at The Studio, 9a Cleasby Road) to which anyone running a shop or business based in Menston is invited. Of special interest at the moment is the proposal to move the Post Office from its present location to the Londis shop at the junction of Cleasby Road and Main Street. Siting it at this busy junction is far from ideal from many points of view but the Post Office is saying it will either be there or nowhere. There is a consultation to which residents can contribute until 26 June. Comments can be emailed to comments@postoffice.co.uk. You may also be able to pick up a form at the Menston Post Office.

Walk and cycle route consultation

A two day consultation event on the proposed walking and cycle route – the ‘Wharfedale Greenway‘ – connecting Menston with Pool in Wharfedale, Otley and Burley-in-Wharfedale via the former railway line – will be staged in the Menston Methodist Church Hall on both Thursday and Friday, 12 and 13 June, from 10.00am to 8.00pm. The deadline for submitting written comments is 30 June. 

One Jubilee street party has become an annual event

Alison and Glenn Brookes, hosts for the 2014 Cleasby Road street party.

Angela and Glenn Brookes, hosts for the 2014 Cleasby Road street party.

At least one of the many Menston street parties arranged to celebrate the Jubilee two years ago has become an annual event and on Saturday 31 May many residents of Cleasby Road came together again for an open air ‘picnic’. Residents have been taking it in turn to host the event and this year is was taken on by Glenn and Angela Brookes who opened up their rear garden to a large number of guests. The weather was kind enough to be dry so the marquee was probably not necessary although the sun was rather too shy for the end of May.

The trampoline kept the children occupied

The trampoline kept the children occupied

Are there any other Menston locations which have scheduled a street party this year? We’d love to know. The closest we have found is the ‘Big Lunch’ scheduled for today (1 June) by St John’s Parish Church, which has been in the ‘Events’ listing for a while now. Are there any more to come which could be added to the listing and the ‘Imminent events’ calendar?

Menston teacher Trustee of Vatican Foundation

David Geldart, Trustee of JP2F4S

David Geldart, Trustee of JP2F4S

David Geldart, Assistant Headteacher at St. Mary’s Menston, has been appointed a Trustee of the John Paul II Foundation for Sport (JP2F4S).

JP2F4S was launched by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Britain in 2010 and is inspired by Saint John Paul’s enthusiasm for sport and the unique potential that it offers to enhance physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development in individuals and to be a force for good in communities and wider society.

Eight years ago David founded the acclaimed Bambisanani Partnership in South Africa which uses the power of sport to develop education, health, leadership and global citizenship.

Monsignor Vladimir Felzmann, the Foundation’s Chief Executive said: “We are delighted that David has been appointed to the Foundation. He has a wealth of strategic and operational experience and has gained an international reputation for his work in Physical Education and Sport. David has held key public appointments at national level with Sport England and the Departments of Education and Health”.

Menston Show DeTails – all classes

Full details of the Menston Show, to be staged as usual at the Kirklands Community Centre, Saturday 6 September, have been released by the organising committee. As last year, details of all the entry classes together with an entry form which can be downloaded and printed can be found on this website by clicking the Menston Show link here, the link at the top of the Events listing or the Show ‘button’ in the right sidebar . The link button in right hand side bar will be a permanent feature on the site until the Show. As last year, we will endeavour to publish all the prize and trophy winners as soon as possible after the show. Last year we managed it by the next day.

Menston’s spectacular events – Vehicle Show and St Mary’s Menston ‘Nelson Mandela’ concert

Menston village saw two great events in the beginning of May Bank Holiday week, the vehicle show on Monday and a superb concert at St Mary’s Menston on Friday evening. Lots of pictures from both so they have each been given a page of their own. Click on the appropriate link to go to the associated page with, together, over 200 photographs of these memorable days.

Menston Vehicle Show 5 May 2014Click on the following link to go to the Menston Village Vehicle Show, 5 May 2014 page



St Mary's Menston concert 9 May 2014Click on the following link to go to the  St Mary’s Menston ‘Spirit of Madiba’ concert page.




PS. If you run a local business don’t forget the second meeting of the Menston business group on Wednesday evening. Details in ‘Imminent events’ calendar at the right and more under the ‘Events’ menu.

Apologies to followers of this blog who earlier received a spurious email informing them of  non-existent blog posting. After several hours preparing the photographs, the wrong ‘button’ was pushed. Sorry!

Car Show with terriers, a Menston teashop, charity concert at St Mary’s, and a Tiger tank

Rockyracing2There’ll not only be four and two wheeled speed machines at the first Biennial Menston Vehicle Show on Bank Holiday Monday, 5 May, but some four-legged speedsters too as Terrier Racing comes to the village.

Anyone with a terrier, of any shape or size, is invited to come along and take part in the fun at 1.30pm at the Malt Shovel in the village centre. There will be rosettes and doggy toys and treats to be won.

The one to beat is Rocky, who lives in Menston, shown in the picture racing at the Nidderdale Show. It is understood that he has not been beaten in four years!

Tea shop in Menston

Tickled teapot cafeThe show will also be an opportunity to sample something else new, the new tea shop (now how right for Menston is that?). Named ‘The tickled teapot’, it will be open on the day serving not only tea (in teapots!) but lovely cakes, even things like panninis with salad, and it has a proper Italian espresso machine if you prefer coffee. If the weather’s good you can sit outside. It’s just off Main Street in Croft Park, where the greengrocer used to be until recently.

Plenty of other places will be open for refreshments of all kinds, including Solo at the top of the village, the Village Bakery right in the centre and, of course, the pubs and clubs.

Fab concert at St Mary’s

The Leeds Youth Jazz and Rock Orchestra, choir and musicians from St. Mary’s Menston and Benton Park high schools, should make for a great evening at 7.00pm on Friday 9 May at the Menston high school. Paying homage to Nelson Mandela in the ‘Spirit of Madiba’, the concert is to raise money for the school’s great Bambisanani project in South Africa. Details on how to get tickets are in the Events listing for 9 May.

Tiger tank

Menston’s Victorian drains meant ruling out a full-size tank at the Vehicle Show, though one was offered, but there’s a fascinating alternative: a 1/10th scale fully working model of a German Tiger tank. It doesn’t fire shells from its turret-mounted gun, just puffs of smoke, so there’s no need for St John’s Ambulance, though they will be at the show. The tank will most likely be outside the Menston Arms, together with the small classic cars and the Black Forest fairground organ.

All the details

For more details of the show, which takes place at various locations around the village from 11.00am, click the special Vehicle Show page here or the Show poster in the right sidebar.


Menston community heroes; local businesses get together; more awards for St Mary’s Menston; Menston Vehicle Show almost here

Menston volunteers, including one working with elderly residents and two teenagers who also like to work with the older generations, were recognised as ‘Community Heroes‘ at a ceremony in Saltaire last week. St. Mary’s Menston pupils have collected yet more awards, won a dance competition, smiled through the worst the Lake District weather can offer and nominated ‘Ambassadors’ to take the school’s sports message out to the wider community. Menston local businesses are getting together to explore what can be done to promote local business. And the first bi-annual Menston village Vehicle Show is almost here (see the ‘poster’ in the right hand column). Click on any of the links below to go directly to each story in full, or just scroll down. Click on any picture to see it at full size.

Shirley Thompson of Menston Cares, Community Hero, right, with Jane Pratt and James Brown

Shirley Thompson of Menston Cares, Community Hero, right, with Jane Pratt and James Brown, at the awards ceremony in the Victoria Hall, Shipley

Kieran & Bradley Jackson of Menston - 'Outstanding Community Heroes'

Kieran & Bradley Jackson of Menston – ‘Outstanding Community Heroes’ (T&A Bradford photo).

THANK YOU to the increasing number of local organisations sending thanks for the publicity given to their events and activities. Send in events information as early as possible then it will surely appear in the ‘Imminent Events’ column as the date gets near, and don’t forget that to be informed each time there is a new post on this site just click the ‘Follow’ button on the right and enter your email address. 

community heroes

‘Community Heroes’ nominated from all over the Shipley area, from the Wharfedale, Bingley, Bingley Rural, Baildon, Shipley, Windhill and Wrose wards, met at a function at the Victoria Hall in Saltaire last week to learn who had been selected and those who were thought to be ‘top’ in their categories, ie ‘Outstanding Community Heroes’. The call for nominations was mentioned in the New Year post on this site.

Outright winners of the under 21 category, so named as ‘Outstanding Community Heroes’, were 13 years old Menston twins Bradley and Kieran Jackson. They were nominated for their voluntary work with a number of Menston organisations, especially those working with older people.

Menston Cares is a vital community group in the village and its Befriending and Visiting activities are led by Shirley Thompson. Shirley collected an award as a ‘Community Hero’ at the Saltaire ceremony, being accompanied by colleagues Jane Pratt and James Brown.

Local businesses to meet about encouraging support

Local businesses are to hold an exploratory meeting to look at ways of encouraging local people to use their local businesses, a vital segment of the local community. It is often said “Use it or lose it” and the consequences of not using local businesses have been only too clear recently when Menston lost its independent greengrocer, despite the fact that the produce there was fresher and no more costly, often even cheaper, than alternative sources. Perhaps part of the problem is that local businesses do not communicate with the local community enough, or not well enough. Part of the proposed MCA village notice board project is intended to help, but by itself it will not be enough.

A meeting of local business people on Friday 4 April is intended to explore ways of doing a better job of communicating what local businesses have to offer and what the advantages of using them are. The meeting will take place at The Studio, 9a Cleasby Road, at 6.30pm on Friday. Any representative of a local businesses will be welcome to attend but it would be a good idea to contact Christine on 01943 879816 or email christine@pfetraining.co.uk, if only because some light snacks will be provided so it will be good to know how many people are coming.

More awards for St Mary’s Menston

Winners of dance competition for second year. The 14-16 years old dance team from St. Mary’s Menston high school were overall winners at the recent Leeds Schools Dance Competition, the second year running the team has won

Winning dance team: Alicia Wilson (Choreographer), Chloe Williams, Devon Mitchell-McCann, Freya-Poppy Bowden and Gabriella Vento.

Winning dance team: Alicia Wilson (Choreographer), Chloe Williams, Devon Mitchell-McCann, Freya-Poppy Bowden and Gabriella Vento.

the competition. One of the school’s 11-14 year old teams came third in the competition.

Diana Awards for Menston pupils and their South African partners. Fourteen students from St. Mary’s Menston and twenty seven students from Mnyakanya High School in rural Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa have received the prestigious Diana Award for their collaboration through the Bambisanani Partnership (click here for more information on the Bambisanani project).

Diana Award winners at Mnyakanya school in S Africa, with which St Mary's works in the Bambisanani Partnership

Diana Award winners at Mnyakanya school in S Africa, with which St Mary’s works in the Bambisanani Partnership

St Mary's students with their Diana Award Certificates. L-R, back row, Chloe Tindale, Patrick Connolly, Elizabeth Garnett, Elizabeth Banks, Charlie Walker, Kavindu Appuhamy, Emily Fieldhouse; front row, Ryan Clarke, Michael Jones, Madeline Tysoe, James Riley, Hannah Smith, Freya O’Connor, Jade Rigby-Williams.

St Mary’s students with their Diana Award Certificates. L-R, back row, Chloe Tindale, Patrick Connolly, Elizabeth Garnett, Elizabeth Banks, Charlie Walker, Kavindu Appuhamy, Emily Fieldhouse; front row, Ryan Clarke, Michael Jones, Madeline Tysoe, James Riley, Hannah Smith, Freya O’Connor, Jade Rigby-Williams.

Over the past year, the Young Leaders from Mnyakanya School have volunteered to work in their community with the ‘Child Care’ organisation caring and supporting victims of abuse or those with HIV infection. The students have developed peer mentoring and community programmes as well as liaising with other agencies that can support the victims. For the past seven years the two schools have worked together as the Bambisanani Partnership, using sport as a catalyst to promote education, health, leadership and global citizenship.

Young Ambassadors. Eight ‘Young Ambassadors’ have recently been chosen by St. Mary’s to form a vital link with students and teachers in primary schools. Young Ambassadors are the most outstanding Sports Leaders in schools and are

Young Ambassadors Amelia Walsh, Gabriella Vento, Alaya Tyrell, Ella Humphreys, Elizabeth Westhead, Aidan Conlon, Alice Clayton (and not on photograph – Matthew Farmer)

Young Ambassadors Amelia Walsh, Gabriella Vento, Alaya Tyrell, Ella Humphreys, Elizabeth Westhead, Aidan Conlon, Alice Clayton (and not on photograph – Matthew Farmer)

selected due to their sporting talent, and more importantly, due to their exceptional commitment and ability as young leaders or volunteers. Becoming a Young Ambassador will enable the students to develop their leadership skills further.

Enduring Lake District weather. A group of year eight students from St. Mary’s recently endured adverse weather during their stay in the Lake District, including wind, rain and even snow, but took part in a full programme of activities designed to provide physical, social and team building experiences such as orienteering, rock climbing, rope challenges and raft building.

St Mary's year 8 pupils on Lake Ullswater on what looks like a better day

St Mary’s year 8 pupils on Lake Ullswater on what looks like a better day

The group enjoyed a week long residential visit to the Outward Bound Centre on the edge of Lake Ullswater.

Whilst in the Lake District, the group took part in the John Muir Award scheme, an environmental award scheme focused on wild places. The scheme encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment, in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.The Award Scheme is now to undertake a study which will look at how the ethos of the award is continued in school once students return from the visit, through such things as tutorials, assemblies and cross curricular learning.


Fairtrade, Soul, awards for St Mary’s and Menston ‘traffic management’

Battling the attempted destruction of our village by Bradford Council is not the only thing going on in Menston nor the only thing occupying the Menston Community Association. Click on any of the links below to go directly to the story.

Fairtrade Fortnight

The St Mary's team display the Fairtrade status award.

The Fairtrade team display their Fairtrade status award. L-r:- Catherine Garrett (Acting Headteacher), Isobel Tysoe, Thomas Rothwell (Acting Headteacher), Felicity Hemming, Stuart Andrew MP, Jack Tunnecliff, Caitlin
Grady, Benedict Kershaw, Louise Oddy, Marienn Collins, David Geldart (Assistant Headteacher)

St. Mary’s Menston were awarded Fairtrade Schools Status in February, the award being presented to the school by Stuart Andrew MP in a special assembly in February to mark the beginning of Fairtrade fortnight. To qualify for the award, the school had to meet five set goals:

  • to set up a Fairtrade student group
  • to adopt a Fairtrade Policy
  • teach Fairtrade lessons
  • sell Fairtrade products
  • actively campaign for Fairtrade

The school had a series of activities to raise awareness of Fairtrade products including a “Crossbar Challenge”, quiz, bun sales, creative writing and prayer workshops.

The Fairtrade Assessor said of the St. Mary’s application: “Congratulations, St. Mary’s! It is evident that you are working very hard to make Fairtrade a vital part of your school life and that the entire student and staff body are embracing it with great enthusiasm. Your hard work has paid off – I am very pleased to recommend you for approval and am excited to see what you do in the future.”

Fairtrade stall. There will be a Fairtrade stall on Saturday 8 March from 10 am to 12 noon at the Cornerstone cafe on Main Street as part of Fairtrade fortnight.

PhilipPines Typhoon

The Fairtrade Assessor said of St. Mary’s application:- "Congratulations, St. Mary's! It is evident that you are working very hard to make Fairtrade a vital part of your school life and that the entire student and staff body are embracing it with great enthusiasm. Your hard work has paid off - I am very pleased to recommend you for approval and am excited to see what you do in the future."

Poster for the event on Saturday 15 March to help schools in Philippines devasted by typhoon Haiyan

Schools in the Philippines were devastated by Typhoon Haiyan last November. Some of the devastation can be seen in the poster here (click it to see it larger). There’s an opportunity to help and have a great evening at an event on Saturday evening, 15 March, at the Kirklands Community Centre, organised by Menston resident Beth Street.

Soul music, soul food (chilli and rice) and dancing are the recipe for the evening from 8.00 to 11.00pm. The Soul Surgeons will be providing the music. Sally’s Army, the ladies group from Otley, will be singing a varied programme of 50’s Classics from Elvis and the Poni-Tails to more modern numbers by Caro Emerald and Take That. All proceeds will go towards the rebuilding of schools in areas of the Philippines destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan.

Tickets are just £10 for this great cause; to book or enquire contact Beth Street on 07719 785986 or email Babeth70@sky.com

St Mary’s night of trashion

St Marys year 13 students displaying the 'Trashion' they created

Fashion from trash was created and showed by St Mary’s students as part of studying the environment within the Religious Studies programme

St Mary’s Menston have been busy not only with Fairtrade. Valentine’s Day saw year 13 students mounting a ‘Trashion Show’ as part of ‘Creativity on Show’, ending a day considering the theme ‘The Environment’ as part of the Religious Studies programme. During the ‘runway’ fashion show, students modelled items of clothing made from recycled materials such as crisp packets and bin liners.

Mgr Vladimir Felzmann with St Mary's Sports Leaders

Mgr Vladimir Felzmann with St Mary’s Sports Leaders

Sport award. St. Mary’s Menston has become only the fifth school in the country to be accepted into the John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport. The John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport was launched by Pope Benedict XVI on his visit to the UK in 2010. The Foundation is inspired by Pope John Paul’s own vision of sport’s unique potential to develop individuals and communities.

St. Mary’s was presented with a special certificate to mark the occasion by Monsignor Vladimir Felzmann, Chief Executive of the Foundation. Presenting the certificate, he said: “St. Mary’s epitomises the values of the John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport. The scope and influence of PE and Sport at St. Mary’s is vast, both within and beyond the school. This is a school that uses PE and Sport in the most positive way with its own students and in the wider community. The vision, commitment and outcomes are inspirational. 

Mr David Geldart, Assistant Headteacher, who has been at the forefront of Physical Education and Sport Development at the school for many years said: “This is a most significant accolade for all associated with the school. The Foundation honours the memory of Pope John Paul II who was a great advocate for all the positive attributes that sport can bring; we are totally committed to those values in our work at St. Mary’s, in the wider community and in our international work in South Africa, the BAMBISANANI PARTNERSHIP.

MCA meeting 5 March

The forthcoming village motor show (5 May), an update on the possibiity of regular film shows in Menston, the village information board project, and of course reactions to the traffic management scheme proposed for Menston are all on the agenda for the Menston Community Association meeting on Wednesday 5 March in the Methodist church hall, Main street. Click HERE for the MCA page and access to the full agenda.

Local business initiatives

Proposals for promoting support of local shops and businesses are moving forward on two fronts. Sue Rix, working in a personal capacity not as a Parish Councillor, will be presenting proposals of a small working group at the 5 March MCA meeting for more and better village information boards, which are intended to include information on local shops and businesses as well as local charities and groups and things like village walks.

Apart from the MCA initiative, some local businesses are planning to get together at the beginning of April to discuss a possible campaign and other measures to promote local business. If you’d like to be involved watch this web site for more details when available and drop an email expressing interest to menston.village.wharfedale@gmail.com.

Menston village: battle won, Bradford MDC war continues; call to support local shops; save the Children’s Centre; St Mary’s pupils continue to inspire

Chloe Tindale, one of two St Mary's Menston pupils who met Prince William at a Diana Award 'Inspire Day, with Zulu children in South Africa earlier this year

Chloe Tindale, one of two St Mary’s Menston pupils who met Prince William at a Diana Award ‘Inspire Day’, with Zulu children in South Africa earlier this year. Follow the link at the bottom of this post for the full story.

Menston villagers have been celebrating one important battle won to keep the character of our lovely Wharfedale village and its surrounding countryside: the plan to erect a gigantic wind turbine behind High Royds, twice the height of the iconic clock tower there, was refused permission. The fight against development on the Derry Hill and Bingley Road sites, which apart from destroying the character of our village would lead to more flooding and increased sewerage flowing down the street, according to the best expert evidence, continues.

Steve Ellams, Roger Livesey and Alan Elsegood make the case with banners and T-shirts outside City Hall before Steve's presentation

Chairman of the Menston Community Association Steve Ellams, left, with Secretary Alan Elsegood and Menston resident Roger Livesey (centre) outside City Hall before Steve’s presentation of a petition signed by members of communities in Wharfedale whose representatives joined the Menston team inside the Council Chamber for the presentation

It is understood that the Parish Council intends to reply to the dreadful letter received from Cllr Warburton, the letter being greeted with disgust and disbelief at the Menston Community Association meeting on Wednesday 4 December.

Poster for 'Save our Greenbelt'


Click here to read the presentation ‘Save our Greenbelt’ given to the full Bradford Council on Tuesday 10 December by Steve Ellams, Chairman of the Menston Community Association.


Support local shops

The need to support local shops and businesses was an important topic at the meeting and a suggestion of the need for some kind of campaign was greeted with approval. Parish Cllr Sue Rix said that there was an urgent need for more, and more suitable, notice boards around the village, promoting local business being one function of them; this suggestion was greeted with approval. Among comments from the floor was “Why people pay more for inferior produce when our local greengrocer brings fresh from the market every morning is beyond me”. Another said they were glad to buy meat there, supplied from Burley.

A Menston Christmas celebration next year?

A suggestion from the floor was that there was a need to set up small working groups to move forward this and other projects proposed, among them a village Christmas celebration event based around better Christmas lights next year. Comments from villagers that “It is really upsetting that I have to go to another village for such an event when we used to have one in Menston” were related from the floor.

MCA Chairman Steve Ellams said that there would be a ‘bucket collection’ at next year’s Menston Car Show (note the countdown to it on the right has now reached 4 months!) and funds raised would go towards the Christmas event.

Fighting children’s centre closure

Another important battle being mounted is against the closure of the Menston and Burley Children’s Centre, with its magnificent ‘new’ facility behind Menston library. A petition is circulating and available to sign in shops around the village.

St Mary’s inspire

More inspiring news continues to come out of the excellent high school in the village, St Mary’s, from excellence in sport to meetings with Prince William. Read about it on a page giving more details.

Menston village school in South Africa; new weekday cycling group?; Village Show

Menston village’s top flight high school, St Mary’s, has been bringing joy to South African children through education; there’s a proposal for a weekday Menston cycling group; and … don’t forget the village show! Click on any of the titles below to go direct to the story.
Menston’s top school in South Africa
Weekday cycling group proposed
Menston Village Show


St Mary's pupil Hannah Smith reading about football in South Africa

Hannah Smith reading about football in South Africa

St Mary’s in South Africa

Menston village is lucky enough to have a top-performing high school within its boundaries. However, there is little doubt that part of its excellent performance is due to the encouragement of pupils to take part in many inspiring ‘extra curricular’ activities.
For seven years groups of St Mary’s pupils have taken part in the ‘Bambisanani Partnership’ – Bambisanani being the Zulu word for ‘Working hand in hand’. This year 14 sixth form pupils visited Mnyakanya School in the deprived Nkandla region of Kwa Zulu Natal, supported by teachers and chairman of sponsor law firm Lupton, Fawcett, Lee and Priestley.

The students were: Lizzie Banks, Ryan Clarke, Kavindu Appuhamy, Patrick Connolly, Emily Fieldhouse, Elizabeth Garnett, Michael Jones, Freya O’Connor, Jade Rigby-Williams, James Riley, Hannah Smith, Chloe Tindale, Madeline Tysoe and Charles Walker. 

Whilst at Mnyakanya, St. Mary’s students also taught a range subjects and activities to students including: maths, science, history, chess, dance, football, rounders and netball. The St. Mary’s team brought with them much needed equipment for Mnyakanya School including books for the Bambisanani Library (opened three years ago), calculators, and resources for art, science and sport.

Click for a complete report, with more photographs, from St Mary’s Menston on this visit.

New Menston village cycling group
A Menston group of cyclists with a ride scheduled for every Wednesday evening and every other Sunday was noted in the most recent post on this blog. Now another group, meeting during a weekday, has been proposed.
Katie Henderson is suggesting a ride every Monday morning, the group meeting by the children’s play area in Menston park at 9.20am for a ride to depart promptly at 9.30. You can just turn up or contact Katie on 0776 671 1481.
Rides would be arranged to suit participants but the aim would be to return no later than 2pm, although at the beginning shorter rides may be proposed, depending who turns up and, of course, on the weather.

Menston Village Annual Show
It’s too late now to start growing the champion onion but it’s just the time to don the baking gloves and get your ‘Favourite cake’ made or put the finishing touches to your latest craft masterpiece – all possible entries in the many classes making up the 38th Annual Menston Show at the Kirlands Community Centre on Saturday 14 September. According to our count-down ‘widget’ in the right hand column, which has been ticking down since this site was launched, it is only 7 days to the show.
The show opens to ‘visitors’ at 2.00pm, but if you want to enter one of the show classes you will have to have your entry there before 11.30am. For full details of all the 80 classes go to the Menston Show pages under the Events menu heading, or just click here.