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Menston village community slapped down by the Bradford MDC; past Menston Chair expelled

Yet again Bradford Metropolian District Council (BMDC) has passed a last minute variation of the vitally important ‘Condition 10’ in the planning application for the development on Bingley Road in Menston, refusing to give appropriate attention to the expert evidence the Menston Community Association, Menston Action Group and the Parish Council had prepared and could have presented at the meeting of the Regulatory and Appeals Committee last Thursday afternoon. During the meeting immediate past Chairman of the Community Association was ‘expelled’ from the meeting.

A thorough investigation of BMDC is required



and what goes on behind closed doors?
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Call for more attention to Menston younger generations from new Chairman of the Menston Community Association

Newly elected Chairman of the Menston Community Association, at the Annual General Meeting of the association last Tuesday evening, made a call for more people from younger generations to become involved in the association and more attention given to their needs.

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Need someone to walk your dog or ‘Pet sit’?

Need someone to stay with children after school, maybe help with homework?

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Neighbourhood Forum

The MCA AGM was preceded by a ‘Neighbourhood Forum’, with presentations by Incommunities, local police and Menston & Burley Children’s Centre.

Incommunities Housing Officer, Bev Lockwood, said that the organisation’s lettings policy had been changed and now some one bedroom properties were available to rent by people aged18 and above, whereas before they had been available only to over 55s. However, she said that to be allocated a property people had to be registered and so far she had no-one registered from LS29. She did not seem to be aware, at least it was not mentioned, that a number of people have recently moved into rental properties in Menston in order to qualify as having ‘local connections or family’ though they had no previous connections with the area. This has probably been prompted by the possibility of ‘social housing’ in the proposed Bingley Road and Derry Hill developments.

Local police warned that garages and sheds were often not secure and that had been an increasing rate of garage and shed breakins; valuable bikes and other high value equipment being the main target. Increase security and fit alarms they advised.

Drug dealing, which several residents say they had observed in the village, should be reported and car registration numbers taken and passed to police. The same applied to potentially unlicensed scrap collectors, residents were told

Children’s Centre new manager Lizzie Hughes urged residents to come and have a look round this wonderful facility.