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Menston Village Show – new activities, with prizes, for youngsters and 84 competitive classes in all


Menston Show report, with lots of pictures, will be posted, with winners in the MBA ‘Young people’s activity zone’, by Monday 8 September; prizes are at Solo. For full results from Menston Show now, click the Show button at the right.


15 year old Anna Middleton with the poster she designed

This year’s Show poster was designed by Anna Middleton, then 14 years old. The competition this year is to design a poster for Menston’s WW1 ccommemorations.

Only a few days to the Menston Village Show, Saturday 6 September, which this year has not only the usual 84 competitive classes, including 21 for contestants 14 years and under, but another six competitive activities for youngsters from 7 to 17 years in a ‘Young People’s Activity Zone’, organised by the recently-formed Menston Business Association (MBA). There is also a non-competitive activity for younger children at a mini toy supermarket in ‘the zone’, which is in the annexe leading from the main hall of the Kirklands Community Centre to the Children’s Centre. The ‘zone’ will be open during the public open hours of the Show – 2pm to 3.30-4.00pm.

Prizes and certificates

Competitions in the zone include a ‘Where in Menston was this photograph taken?’; Menston history quiz; How many step-ups can you do in one minute?; Write a short (5/6 lines) poem with a World War 1 theme; Identify leaves from local trees/plants; Match property types with who might live in them.

The Menston Business Association logoAll the competitive activities in the ‘zone’ have small cash prizes and certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each of the age groups 7 to 11 years and 12 to 17 years. For top scores over all the six activities there are prizes of vouchers to spend in the Solo Delicatessen on Main Street: £12.50 first prize, £7.50 second prize and £5 third prize. These are sponsored by Solo and prizes for individual activities and the activities themselves are sponsored by a number of Menston businesses: Nick Cahill Plumbing & Gas Engineers; Martin James Property Services; David Wright painting and decorating; Ian Cunningham Heating and Gas; Aspire To Be beauty salon; Ribston Pippin estate agents; Justin Leeming photography and design; The Studio Pilates; Cleasby Kindercare; Menston Co-op.

Show details and entries

Full details of the show, including all the classes which can be entered, can be seen by clicking HERE or the Menston Village Show ‘button’ in the right column. In the Show pages you’ll find a link to a downloadable entry form or you can pick up a schedule and entry forms from the Menston library or various village shops (entries must be delivered to the Hall between 10.15 and absolute latest 11.30 on the morning of the Show).

The Show is open to the public from 2.00pm to 4.00pm, entry for adults is 50p, 7-14 years 25p, ending with an auction of Show exhibits at 4 o’clock.

Menston “The best village in Yorkshire” says new Business Association; BMDC election candidates answer questions

The sign which greets visitors approaching Menston from the A65, from which the logo of the newly formed association was derived

The sign which greets visitors approaching Menston from the A65, from which the logo of the newly formed association was derived

Adopting the name Menston Business Association, a logo based on the sign seen as the village is entered from the A65, and a declaration that Menston is ‘The best village in Yorkshire‘, a new grouping of Menston businesses has been launched, among its aims being mutual support and promoting the use of local shops, tradesmen and other businesses to the residents of the village.

Election Week: Next week is election week and candidates for the Wharfedale Ward of Bradford Council, which of course includes Menston and Burley-in-Wharfedale, have answered some questions relevant to Menston, these being published on this site today.

Click the appropriate link below for the full story.

Menston Business Association

Answers from Wharfedale Ward candidates
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Menston Business Association

Meeting on 14 May, representatives of businesses based in the village chose an MBA committee of five led by initiator of the group, Christine North-Minchella of The Studio in Cleasby Road as Chair Person. Other members are Andy Greer,  Ribston Pippin Estate Agents; Nick Cahill, Plumbing and Gas Engineer; Marc Hill, Menston Co-op; Zandra Monre-Cochran – Kindercare (Cleasby Road); Roger Livesey, Webmaster menstonvillagewharfedale.com, as Ex-officio Publicity Officer.

A section of this site has now been allocated to the MBA, this being accessed by clicking the logo at the top of the right sidebar, from the menu item under ‘Businesses’ (or by clicking MBA here). Future activities, minutes of meetings, etc will all be published in the MBA section as well as, when appropriate, blog posts such as this one.

Apart from name, logo and the strap line ‘The best village in Yorkshire’ (to be used on all literature from the association), a membership fee of £1/week was agreed, and production of a leaflet to be distributed to all households in Menston, including High Royds.

In fact, High Royds is so closely associated with Menston although it is not now administratively linked, the MBA is intending to campaign for removal of the ‘fence/gate’ on the direct road to the Bingley Road mini-roundabout, which currently ‘cuts off’ the village for vehicular traffic. Philip Davies MP is already on board in this endeavour and has promised to follow it up, after MBA Chair Person Christine spoke to him about it.

Founder (now Secretary) of the Burley and District Chamber of Trade (BADCOT) , Roger Charnley, was warmly welcomed to the 14 May meeting and offered some valuable advice based on experience of 11 years since the foundation of BADCOT. He said the neighbouring organisation would offer whatever support they could in making the MBA the kind of success which BADCOT has achieved. Among those successes is the Christmas market, which now attracts 2-3,000 people.

Networking was identified by Roger as a major advantage of an organisation like BADCOT and MBA. This advantage has already been seen operating in just the two meetings which MCA has had, with business being put by members with others. In this context any Menston-based business is welcome to join the association and attend future meetings (date and venue of which will be announced on this site as and when they are known).

Parking and imposition of double yellow lines were raised as one of the major problems for businesses, shops especially, in Menston. Some members believe that residential parking permits and short-time visitor parking bays are part of the answer. Members were advised to come to the next Neighbourhood Forum at Kirklands Community Centre and raise the issue, as Simon D’Vali, Principal Traffic & Highways Engineer at BMDC, is due to attend.