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Menston village – unwanted building, greenfield defence and bikers group

‘Approval’ of new village building by Bradford before those most adversely affected can present their case

One person can exert influence on Bradford Planning Department such that the Menston Parish Council receives a ‘recommendation’ that a building should go ahead before village residents most adversely affected have had a chance to put their objections to the Menston Planning Committee. This much became clear at the Parish Council meeting last evening (29 August).

View from upstairs bedroom of 129 Main Street

Present view from upstairs bedroom at 133 Main Street; a large house, with garage to the right side in this picture, is proposed for the very attractive garden in the foreground

If one person can exert such influence, is it any surprise that major housing developers can get Bradford planning department approval for destructive schemes such as Derry Hill and Bingley Road?  There may no longer be something rotten in the state of Denmark, but something is certainly smelling unpleasant in the Bradford Planning Department. 

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As with all posts/pages on this blog, any opinions expressed or implied are those of the blog author unless otherwise stated. It should be made clear that the articles  about the Parish Planning Committee meeting were written only as a result of proceedings at the meeting and none of the objectors had been spoken to or otherwise communicated with before they were written.


New petition to stop green belt building in Wharfedale

Menston Action Group (MAG) and Wharfedale and Airedale Review Development (WARD) committee member Dr Stephen (Steve) Ellams is launching a new petition demanding all green belt development be stopped in Wharfedale. The wording of the petition is:

We, the undersigned, recognising the success of previous governments’ greenbelt policies and the need to resist any relaxation of the current greenbelt boundaries, call on central and local government to respect the integrity of those boundaries, and refrain from any policy which would alter the specific areas in Wharfedale at present protected from development by those greenbelt policies.

The petition will first be presented to Menston residents in general at the Menston Village Show (14 September), when visitors will be invited to sign the petition, but you will be able to sign it before then at the Otley Car Show on Sunday 8 September.

If you would like to volunteer to seek signatures, and get a T-shirt to wear while you are doing it, contact Steve Ellam by email: s.ellams1@btinternet.com.

Menston cycling group

A group of cyclists from Menston, at the moment up to about ten participants, has been meeting every Wednesday, and every other Sunday, for the past eight months, cycling to Otley to join members of Otley Cycle Club for a run.

Menston cycling group meet up near the Park every Monday

Meeting every Wednesday evening at the junction of Low Hall Road and Leathley Avenue, the mixed Menston cycling group joins Otley Cycling Club every Wednesday evening.

The Wednesday run is usually about a couple of hours, often ending with a pint in a local hostelry. However, for newcomers runs can be as short as 5 miles. The group meets on Wednesdays at the mini-roundabout at the junction of Leathley Road and Old Hall Road at 6.40pm.

The Sunday meeting, every other week, is at 9.00am at the Buttercross in Otley for a longer run.

For more information call either Ann Howe on 0784 148 3610 or Nigel Cawthorne on 0758 210 0555, or just turn up at the meeting point on a Wednesday evening.