Writing on the Wharfe – writers’ club

The writers club was formed in about May 2015 by Ruxandra Busoiu. In April 2016 the name ‘Writing on the Wharfe‘ was adopted. Once a fortnight there is a meeting in Menston, upstairs at the Menstone club in Farnley Road, on a Saturday at 1.30 until about 3pm. There are occasionally meetings at other venues, including in the open air when the weather is good. There have been group visits to events, eg a flamenco concert following a visit to a meeting by a flamenco guitarist (Samuel Moore) explaining something about the genre. There are no fees but meetings have so far been where you can buy refreshment if you wish (eg the Menstone).

Members who presented some of the work at the 'Winter Tales' event in Ilkley Library in December 2016.

Members who presented some of their work at the ‘Winter Tales’ event in Ilkley Library in December 2016.

There are no ‘lessons’, just a relaxed get-together of writers and would-be writers of any genre. Generally members read a piece of their work, a short story, a poem, a blog post, a song, an extract from a novel or other longer piece in progress. At many meetings these are to some theme agreed at the previous meeting. A theme for discussion may be proposed but it soon expands into other aspects of writing and members’ experiences.

Members, with an age range from early 20s to over 80, include, eg, a computer software developer, a psychologist, a former GP, a teacher, current and former journalists, former and current PR practitioners, an advertising copy writer, an export marketeer, bloggers, a singer songwriter, poets, a radio producer, graphic artists, an illustrator and a chemist. Some write prose, some poetry, some other things which may or may not have been published or be for publication. One reviews video games. Two are attempting to write a novel. Two have so far had books published.

There is a closed Facebook group for members to keep in touch.

In 2016 club members presented some of their work, with readings, music and visuals, from the stage at Ilkley Playhouse as part of the Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe and at a separate event, ‘Winter Tales’, in Ilkley Library. It is possible there will be similar events in 2017. Also in 2016 a young writers competition was organised in which mostly pupils from primary schools in Menston, Burley, Ben Rhydding and Ilkley took part, a Young Writer of the Year and a Young Poet of the Year receiving trophies and prizes and other entrants receiving certificates at the Menston Summer Fayre or their school. This competition is to be repeated in 2017.

If you wish to attend a club session or want more information email Ruxandra rbusoiu@yahoo.co.uk.

The Menston meetings are, of course, listed under the Events menu on this site and other club events will appear there and in the ‘Imminent events‘ column when known.



to see examples of members’ work

Menston & Burley Young Writers competition 2016



for a list of results and links to individual entries

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