Fairie dell


John Ridyard

There was once a place
named Fairy dell
dug by long forgotten hands
guarded by tall paternal trees

It was, as the name implies, a depression in the ground
secret from the wind and the world
tended by wild rabbits and their young.

And for Children playing out (we could back then )
It was perfect
Grassy mounds
Some topped with gorse
interspersed with so many hollows
some cosy and moist
places for frogs and wild flowers
others places for rocks to hide
under low gorse bushes
from which the smallest
prettiest rabbits
would peep out
enticing us to play (catch me if you can)
they always won

and when it was time to leave
semaphored by a distant clock face
The girls would ask, then
with small posies clutched tight of
walk happily home
presents from fairies who had played
in Fairy dell.