Pay and Display, St Tropez style

David Machin

Curious you stroll the bay
Watching how the rich convey
Their class, inbred from St Tropez,
Around the yachts along the quai.

Their owners here to live the dream,
Success a proof of life supreme,
Brass and teak in lucent gleam,
Posed to capture our esteem.

Lean and bronzed and filmstar neat
Mesdames of certain age compete
With slinky-panty playboy meat
To give their man a lasting treat.

Goggling tourists ebb and flow,
Bulging waistlines, bums on show,
Graffitied bodies pinkly glow,
More Matalan than matelot.

Home they’ll go with erstwhile boast
Of jet-set chic, the wondrous coast,
The Bardot clone they loved the most —
Soon sadly fading fleeting ghost.